So I said Hunger Games, Yes I know it's overdone and all of that stuff, but just hear me out. Say hello to my little twist: We RP from a continent. Not a district, so 7 instead of 12. Have 3 or 4 girls from each continent, but basically the same hunger games idea. Slaughtering until there's a victor.
College/University: This is kind of overdone a bit too, but what the hell. So for this one, it could be a college or university of zombies, or supernatural students, it doesn't have to be humans and all that jazz.
Mental Asylum: This one is pretty self explanatory, we're all insane for one reason or another.
Message in a Bottle: This one could be a combination of a lot of things, Vacay and plane crash over a deserted island. You have to have survival skills and all that jazz, but when the message in the bottle show's up, it speaks of a serial killer on the island and a dead body washes ashore. Then you trust nobody and yada-yada.
High School: This could be taken the normal route with cliques and all of that, it could be a performing arts school, school for delinquents, or whatever. Or like Mean Girls! (dibs on Regina George)
Modern Day Royalty: We all choose a country and freaking be the Princesses of it. I think it would be interesting. (Dibs on United States of America)
Harry Potter: I LOVE HARRY POTTER! (okay, back on track) this could be where we're split up into houses by the sorting hat (dibs on slytherin) and there could be quidditch matches and yule balls and so-on and so forth.
Cheer Camp: One like the movie in Bring it On (number 4 is the one I'm thinking of) maybe 2 rival squads? Whatever. Or dance camp, or stuff like that.
Sorority: This one is kind of special to me because I am actually in a sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma! woo!) (have any of you ever seen the show Greek?) Well we could do something like that with 3 sorority houses or whatever, have mixers, parties, whatever.
Underworld: We all pick some type of beast to be that lives in the underworld and we RP from down there. (dibs on Leviathan/Satan)
Goddesses: Obviously we pick a goddess and RP as that. Kind of like a percy jackson camp, but for full goddesses (dibs on Athena)
Pretty Little Liars: A few people could RP as the main characters, but A's messages could be totally new and whatever. Or you could create your own character. (dibs on Hanna)
The Pretty Committee: We could also RP as these characters, or make new ones but still have new challenges (dibs on Massie)
Women Rulers: Where we all pick a woman ruler from the past like Cleopatra, Katherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, etc..
Space: (anybody see the movie Prometheus? well besides its freaking creepiness!) we could RP as humans from earth that were frozen for however many years and flown up into space to find a new planet.
(c) melliebelle04. Don't even THINK of stealing these ideas that came from MY brain. I will come after you.
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