Name: Roslyn 'Rose' Alessandra Hale.
Age: 22
Species: Witch.
Bio: Rose is the youngest of multiple siblings, but she is the only witch. Her elder siblings are all male, and while very protective of their female family members, are very much mundane.
Her mother originally thought she had missed out on the magic gene, but when she was six, she turned her brother's hair blue as revenge for him stealing her favorite doll. It then became very apparent that Rose was magically inclined.
As far as her father goes, he was never in the picture. He apparently left her mother after she was born. She never knew him, but her older brothers tell her that he was a flake, and wasn't worth knowing in the first place.
She wishes she could make that decision for herself.
Likes: Coffee, puzzles, helping others, laughing, dancing.
Dislikes: Cold, ignorance, arrogance, people who assume she's a batty old woman because she's a witch, 

Name: Samuel Kellan Wood.
Age: 24
Species: Lycan.
Bio: Sam was a typical street rat kid growing up. His mom worked two jobs at sketchy restaurants to keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.
Sam, feeling that he was the man of the house, started doing... Unsavory things to chip in. Drugs, robberies, gambling. He'd do it if it meant his mom didn't have to eat craft dinner and spam for dinner again.
Then, late at night, he was out walking with friends, heading out to a robbery when they were attacked by a large, suspiciously hairy man with yellow eyes.
His friends escaped, but as he followed them, the man bit his arm, hard.
He didn't think anything of it, because the bite healed incredibly quickly, leaving only the ghost of a scar. At least until the next full moon, when he turned for the first time.
His poor mother came home the next morning, and found him naked and covered in blood. She threw him out, thinking he was a vampire, rather than a werewolf.
He found a pack on his fifth night on the street. It wasn't an easy transition, especially when a boy used to being middle of the pack, as it were, was suddenly dropped to the very bottom of the pack totem pole.
He's been there ever since, and he has no intention of leaving. Not until he's hit the top.
Likes: Challenges, flirting, pranks, teasing, adventures and new things.
Dislikes: Boredom, prudes, being the low man on the totem pole, being called a monster.


{Anything with a ‘*’ next to it hasn’t happened yet.

Crushing on: Danny, Luca.
Dating: Luca*
Friends: Morghanne, Cyndia, Reese, Luca, Delia, Jay/JK, Riley, Craig, Danny, Ramia, Alexander
Enemies: Grant, Azrael, Faelan, Alexia.
Frenemy: Aislinn
Ends up with: Danny.

Crushing on: Ramia, Delia.
Flirts with/fools around with: Delia, Dream, Riley, Alexia.
Friends: Guillaume, Eli, Ramia, Joey, Alexia, Delia, Dream, Riley.
Enemies: Grant, Azrael, Alexander
Frenemy: Faelan, Craig,
Ends up with: Ramia.
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