name: kaya bensimone
age: seventeen
model: kaya scodelario 
bio: kaya is good friends with lo, and shares the similiar style. kaya is the daughter of kelly bensimone, aka star of bravo's hit show, the real housewives of new york. kaya lived in new york all her life before her mother decided she wanted to move out of their exspenisve apartment in the city, to a spacious countrey home in rosewood. kaya hates it here in rosewood. she misses the towering skyscrapers, the unsigned bands that play late at night, and even the pervy hot dog stand owner. big city, to smalltown is quite a change for this new yorker. kaya visits new york alot, mostly because she is signed with an acting agency, and she's constantly having auditions. she was even pretty close to getting signed to play jenny humphrey on the television show gossip girl. kaya really hates rosewood day, and is already the principal's watch list. she is constantly swearing, and back talking to her teachers. she slacks off, and is usually high from second, to fifth period at school. 
portrayed by: pri <3's rathbone 

tuesday: how was everyone's holidays? did you visit your great aunt in new york? or go skiing in the swiss alps? well welcome back to rosewood. tomorrow marks the end of the winter social season, well not comepletly. it's just the last huge event. it's the annual foxy cocktail party. so today we plan on getting our mani pedi's, and making sure our outfit is all ready.

"Lo!" i yelled across the park. he wa wearing her boy shorts again, luckyly this time i warned, we were going out, and by out i meant the park and she wore some leggins.

"hey" she said plopping next to me

"want one?" i said taking a cigg and placing it in my lips.

"why not" she said and smiled.

"haha look who is driving around the corner" i smirked.

"Principal Thomas" she smiled wickedly.

he rounded the corner of the park, the one we were sitting at.

he glared. like the 'good' professor he was.
but we know better. i smiled and waved with the hand i was holding the cigarrett. he glared harder. and when lo saw my waving hand she cracked up laughing and almost fell from the bench.

he had the nerve to almost stop the car infront of us.

i blew a kiss in his direction and he just stormed off.

" that was just worth getting my leggins on" she smirked.

"yeah well, Thomas is jut a and i want my ticket out of this hell whole" i sighed.

"you going to that thing tomorrow?" she asked taking a long dragg out of her cig.

"mama Bensimone is demanding my presence and since she buys my chanel's i got no option... u?" i asked

"nah, or i dont know yet. i could spare you the outrageous pain of going alone, but i dont think i will" she smirked.

"" i muttered.

"you love it" he sassed back.

"Afternoon ladies" a voice fairly familiar said.

i turned around and smiled.

"Officer Davis, hello" i smiled.

"Miss Bensimone, figures" he smiled.

"can i ask how the you know a police officer?" 

"Weell, i was arrested like 2 weeks ago in Harrison's party, so i became friends with Officer Davis" i smiled.

"Kaya, i might need to ask you and your friend to leave the park if you keep smoking marihuana in here" he said.

"we ain't smoking pot" Lo snorted.

"Thomas?" i asked.
he nodded.

"it was just regular ciggs Alan, see?" i said holding the pack up to him.

"yeah, sorry to bother girls, be good" he said and winked walking away.

"is it just me, or officer alan davis is quite the hottie?" Lo asked

"oh, he is, trust me" i said and eyed him walking away.

(FYI, he looks like Jon Kortajarena! imagine him in a police uniform?! yummy!!! hahaha)

So its not like i want to hahaha, but i need to introduce myself and whatever. Im Kaya, and its kindda nice to meet you all.
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