2011/03/11 22.55 >>at Tokyo(home) with Tsunami warning ,sad and lose contact with my family ..Pls!!! prey for my best friend Stephanie ,she sharing my page to made set and now no one not found her yet also my family and my dear Giko_is_Giant_sister or Aya-chan all of them living in red zone .
To my best friend Stephanie>> including to my family 
This set is my best friend Stephanie draft and i published her set...
---- Now Japan have terrible more than I think and now earthquake hits Tokyo already but Tsunami not hits tokyo yet>>> and don't worried about me i'm okay and safe i living in safety area can feel some effect of Earthquake after my last set i said not found dead yet but now reach to 100 and Tsunami hits &destroyed buliding ..since i'm grow up i never see terrible thing happened in my life ...i can't waiting alone and living with panic feeling it cuz this time I heard from someone in my real life ..not found Stephanie yet she live in red zone centre of Tsunami hit near Chiba and i'm worried about her so much also Giko_is_Giant_sister or Aya she join polyvore and come from Japan both of them is close friend in real life and living in red zone after i watch effect of Tsunami hits that place and destroyed everything and found dead ..i can't stop thinking about her ..everyone find the way to survive ,last time I heard about Stephanie is she come to made her project in that place for one week and not back Tokyo yet..and now i live in my house alone and super panic ,it cuz all my family not back home yet the train station (shinkanzen) stop to arrive back to Tokyo and lose contact ..i still in recover from accident and spent all day in my house and all my family outside to work near red zone ..you know i can't sitting ,living alone i think today i'll spent my day on polyvore to waste my day pass to see all my love come back to me with safe ,they're good person god will save them right!!!!..i missed all of you pls!!! come back to me ,pls!! be safe for me i'm so sorry to not checking news for you ,i'm the one that have alot of free time but useless ..how much i feel sad and can't stand for new day (sorry to everone come to read this i just feel sad and can't do everything for everyone I care about them) how much i love you ...i never think sad day happened to me like today ..i'm wake up with a little happy and didn't know how fast Tsunami hits Japan especially hits some Tokyo area ....just only this word made me a little happy pls!! come back to me ...i don't want to cry and can't made everything better for you .
to my dad and my brother i thinking only you how much i love you i'm so sorry about i'm not told you Tsunami will hits your working place pls!!! you know right how much i love you pls!! safe for me i can't live with out you 
your little girl,your little sister and your friend .
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