Top Set for February 9th, 2016 ♥ 

Thank you so so much!! 
I really appreciate it!! :D @polyvore

Hi everyone! 

So I just wanted to share my opinion about positivity with comments on polyvore :)

Every time that someone posts a comment on my set, I am so appreciative that you guys take the time to say something super sweet ♥ Your comments always put a big smile on my face!! I mean don't we all love it when we get the sweetest comments on our sets??
I mean who doesn't??

Now..the reason why I bring this up is because there have been some comments that I have come across on my sets like.."I don't like it" or "how do those shoes even go with that," and don't get me wrong..I really do appreciate constructive criticism as well, but I would rather you guys just private message me and tell me about what I could change!! I mean I would definitely consider changing something on my set if it bothered you that much!! 

I am just a person who wants everyone to be happy with each other on this site!! I mean polyvore is a place for all of us to come together and be creative and supportive!! So if anything in my sets bother you guys, just let me know in pm!! ♥

I would be really interested in improving my sets!!
Even though I have been on this site for 5 years now, I am still discovering new ways to make sets, and I am still experimenting with my own style! So any advice is much appreciated!!

Overall, I just want all of us to spread positivity!! ♥
That is one of the reasons why I love polyvore!!..It's a place where we can all be creative and supportive of one another!! ♥

Thank you guys for reading!! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day/night!! ♥

♥ xoxo ♥


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Thank you....Keep smiling and creating... nice getting to know you!!!

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@kjlnelson I couldn't agree more with this ♥
This response has to be my ultimate favorite :)
First of all, thank you so so much!! ♥
I am so glad that you brought up the whole flattery issue..there really is way too much of it!!
I know all of us want to support each other in the best way possible, but I would rather see comments that are really genuine other than people just putting dozens of one word comments, just to get comments back on their own sets.
Now I can admit that sometimes I am one of those people who puts one word comments on a bunch of sets :( but recently I have tried to move away from that and really write down thoughtful comments that are detailed.
For me, when I write those one word comments I really do mean them!! It's not that I am posting a comment, just simply to post a comment. But I know its better to take the time and really leave genuine comments on sets that really deserve comments ♥
The whole reason why I posted my opinion on comment positivity was to just say that if you don't really like a set, or have nothing nice to say about a set, just don't say anything at all or leave a message in the pm because that's the nicer way of constructive criticism.
I am all for constructive criticism, but I don't really appreciate people just commenting.."I don't like it" or "how do those shoes even go with that outfit," because if you don't like a set...DON'T LIKE IT OR COMMENT!! I would rather someone just message on pm so we could talk about changing an outfit/set.
It is just better to spread positivity, and not focus on negativity :)
And that's why I love seeing all the positive comments!! They really make my day!! ♥
Also, if you really want to post a "junk" set, then go for it!! It would be really interesting to see the results!!
Maybe I could create a "junk" set with you to see how it goes ;)
Plus, I feel the same about the whole 10 likes and one sincere detailed comment than 10 fabs..comments don't mean everything!! Neither does likes!! If at least one other person likes a set, then that's already awesome!! ♥
Thank you so so much again for your response!! ♥
I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post :)
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
♥ xoxo ♥

Wrote 9 months ago
First of all the set is fabulous and congratulations!!!
I agree mostly with what you are saying, I don't know if many real fashion critics are on this site but if they were I'd personally love to hear anything from them. It takes guts and honesty to be a critic, but should never be done in a spirit of meanness or intimidation.
A true critique should build the person up!!
What I don't like is flattery and I do believe there is way too much of it on Polyvore...for example a simple pair of pants and a top can get rave reviews such as "sensational, fabulous" when really it is simply "nice, lovely, works well etc." and there's nothing wrong with that, my own sets included.
If people are going crazy over the simple ordinary but good sets where do they go for extravagant ball gowns and elaborate set designs, are they all just fab?!?
Sometimes I feel that if I make a sincere but not "over the top" comment people will wonder why I didn't say...."extraordinarily most fabulous best set in existence ever in the whole wide world and universe".
Many people are just throwing out compliments without even looking at the meaning or intent behind the set or the quality of the set design.
I have been tempted to throw some "junk" sets in there just to see if I would still get the same comments...of course I hope not, I hope my true friends would "call me out", that's what friends are for and generally I agree that those interactions should be done through PM but I haven't had the guts to do it yet.
I try to like as many sets as I genuinely like and be as supportive as possible to my loyal "fans", I also especially like to PM brand new Polyvorians to encourage them here.
I then try to make longer comments here and there. For me personally I would rather have 10 likes and one sincere detailed comment than 10 fabs..but I'm sometimes guilty of those too. There is only so much time in a day and if we are endlessly commenting on others we don't have as much time to create so it is a delicate balancing act... I love to comment and read comments of others and I love to create.
My Love goes out to all who genuinely work hard to put their best out here and to all of those working hard to support each other!!!!!
Poly on!!!!!!!!



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