when i can take no more
those tears will start to flow
the sadness and the agony will never be hidden and the bleeding from inside will never have a pause 

when i can take no more
i will just close my eyes and thank God for the years 
no matter how painful they are
even if i find no purpose in them

when i can take no more
my heart would stop from beating and so is all my pain
why did I exist only to suffer that will be the question to remain

but when i can take no more
and God finally intervenes than Ill know why I had to feel those pain 
maybe God had a purpose maybe it was not in vain

when i can take no more
and God wipes out all my tears then I will never be sad and forget all those tormenting years
The sorrow and the agony has been put to rest 
and all my worries and doubt becomes nothing but a past to forget

Soon I will be with my mom, my dady and mommy Ill be able to feel secure knowing that nothing would harm me 

In the loving arms of a parent I will sleep, and all of those good moments Ill be able to keep

A lesson I will be taught, never to doubt God's kindness and mercy, through his son Jesus Christ's blood we were all bought


As you may already know, I'm no longer allowed to use my iphone or my computer anymore but if I'm going to die, I might as well use my time to do something that I love to do so I'm here! 

I wrote this poem a few months ago. I was just tired, so tired of the bad things that has happened in my life. It seems like everything that happened after I was born was nothing but a disaster. 

While most people would wish for a successful career, fame or money, there's nothing that I wanted all my life than to live a peaceful and normal life with my loved ones.

I never asked God for too much.. I don't even expect justice to be served anymore or for all the people who harmed me and destroyed my life to pay. After all I'm not that kind of person who holds on into hate for a long time. All I want is a "normal life". 

Sometimes I wish I could live my life again as a child, born in a different family, from a different mother. Maybe then my life wouldn't be as chaotic and as complicated as it is now. I always hoped that someday things are going to change for the better but it won't happen because I'm cursed!

I might be nearing the end of my life but this simple dream I have wished for doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. 

Well I'm tired. I don't even know if God is going to finally intervene.. Sometimes it seems like He's just watching. 

my life's a cinderella story without a happy ending.

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Wrote two years ago
I so love this coloring and atmosphere! You made this so fantastic! :)

Wrote two years ago
You have an amazing sets! Such an art-work!

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
This poem is so beautiful, every single word pierced my soul. You are so gifted; talented and beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you different. Lots of love from me to you *hugs* ♥ ~ Rashana


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