Poetic Beauty: The Lou Collection

Your art and designs are so pure and exquisite!!!!!
Everything you create is poetry and so deeply emotional, It comes from your heart, and that is a big part of it's Beauty. You are so angelic. I have learned so much about your vision and culture through your art. I feel blessed to be your friend!!!! You are a rare talent, louu. I feel blessed to be your friend!!!!!!
See louu's stunning and mystical art and designs

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Wrote two years ago
thank you sweetie for adding more of my sets =$ it's an honour =)) you are the best <333333333

Wrote three years ago
OMG Dear =''') this is so SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET and KINNNNNNNNND of you to create this collection especially for me =''''))) I'm SO TOUCHED & SO GRATEFUL dear =))) Thank you so much sweetie for this wonderful surprise <33333333333 You are one of my best polyfriends <333333

Wrote three years ago
It's awesome :)