Wooo! Who-vy let me hack her! (Though, after I just nicknamed her Who-vy, she probably will never let anyone else hack again.) This was loads of fun, you should see how many amazing fillers she has! ;)
I added several items of awesomeness! A picture of a cat wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket, which is about as cute as a cat wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket can be!
A truly amazing picture of Emma Watson, which we must try to re-create at some point. 
A jumper. That is METALLIC!!! It is a metallic-y jumper Who-vy!! It's even got cables!!! XD XD XD
Leopard print flats, that every self respecting girl should aspire to own. 
I didn't add any mustaches, because I figured after seeing the Hobbit, you would think beards are better, and I couldn't find any beard jewelry. Sorry. :/ (Also, I recently saw a picture of a certain Rollie Fingers, and so I personally will be avoiding mustaches for the foreseeable future. It's scary!)
And so my dear Kili, I will leave your account alone now. but, just to let you know, I did save over 50 1D items while I was signed in. I did that for the sole purpose of seeing you do your incredible (and incredibly amusing) Watson impersonation. "No, it's nooot okay!!"

Most sincerely,
The Poly-Ninja. ( @clotheshorse1)

P.S. For added awesomeness, look for the three hedgehog cameos. You're welcome.
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