Seriously, girls.

Like Miriam said, enough is enough.

Not only with the whole incident, but with Poly drama in general. Okay, we can keep ignoring it, and continue to gossip, hate, and start nonsense drama with others on Polyvore. Now, I'm not saying that I'm a saint. Because I'm sure some of you know, I /do/ gossip, and have had my fair share of fights or just being rude for no reason. 

And I'm sure you've all done it too.

Because let's face it. Polyvore is becoming like high-school. I go to high-school during the day, come home, and just get on the computer to continue going to high school. Yeah, it's more fun, but it's the same drama. We talk shitt about one another, they tell someone else, and it becomes a huge fight. Or we just tell them to their face, which starts a whole other fight. 

That's why I'm starting fresh. I'm going to start by un-blocking everyone I blocked, and trying to at least be nicer to people. I don't want this community to be this way. I want us all to be friends. Yeah, I might sound insane because it might not ever happen, but can we at least try to be nice to each other? And the only people who will probably read this set will be the high fashion roleplay people, so let's start there. 

I honestly don't want another thing to happen, like what happened to Michele. 

Spread the poly peace.

xo, Naomi.

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