✿ title: the Poly Confidence Project // i'm not afraid when the rain won't stop
✿ date: May 24, 2015
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Hey everyone!
Hope you have a great day :)
Mine was pretty boring...I just finished my "daily workout" and now I am probably going to watch some youtube videos.

By the way... I really want to
Do you know any good books?


This is for a really importand project here on polyvore... so please read all of it ♥
The project is called "Poly Confidence Project". It's basically about building confidence in yourself instead of letting yourself down. 

// S T E P S //
♡ make a set and either in the set or the set title, call it the Poly Confidence Project
♡ tell us what confidence is to and why you think it means that
- confidence is when you are happy with yourself, when you appreciate who you are and how you look, because everyone is perfect in the way he/she is.
♡ give at least 2 reasons why you think having great confidence in yourself is a good thing 
- confidence makes you feel good about yourself, you make friends easier and you feel powerfull.
- confidence allows you to do new things, to dress in a different way. 
- when you are confident you can do all the things you are right now afraid of ♥
♡ list how ever many ways you'd like on how we can spread confidence to others 
- compliment your friends and family more often
- being yourself might help other people to do the same
- talk to people and make sure they know that they are special
♡ tag some of your poly friends and list one thing you admire about them and why
- @brdfrdzen you are always so nice to everyone ♥
You ahve amazing set-making-skill, all your sets are perfect!
- @styleboy what can I say? you are so nice and your sets are always so sweet and positive! I am sure you make a lot of people happy ♥
- @stylemefab-xoxo when you first messaged me I was a little bit confused and I have to say I didn't know what to answer :S
But I am glad I answered!!!! You are such a sweet person and your sets are great ♥
♡ post a confidence builder quote or thought on this note pad page: http://notepad.cc/spreadingconfidence

Hope you like this simple set♥ Comment your thoughts!
Have an amazing day!
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