Poly Glitch in Be My Valentine Contest - My winners are in order here.

Due to a POLY GLITCH my winners are as follows!!!! I am so VERY sorry that POLY did this to our group once again. I thought about reposting the contest but asked NIKKI to step in for just one contest. I am so not HAPPY with how this played out. You were ALL so awesome. Traci - I LOVED you set and POLY really loves you!!!!! xo


Wrote three years ago
You are so wonderful !!!! WOWWOWOWOW, and thank you for the win, I am like a kid with a new toy today, just saw this today...you girls totally rock, thank you so much

Wrote three years ago
Thanks so much for choosing my set as a winner and for including it in your collection of winners. Glitches happen, just like everyone else said, it's no biggie!! It was a great contest with many, many beautiful sets! Thanks again for including me!! Summer xo

Wrote three years ago
Oh Tracy, what a wonderful collection! I feel so bad I got the only trophy!
Don't worry my sweet friend, glitches happen, everyone's sets are beautiful! Congrats
to all the winners! xo Hugs!

Wrote three years ago
Sooooooo adorable of you to post this collection for us you sweet girl!! I'm so sorry Tracy, I know you feel horrible, but NO WORRIES!!!!! We're here to have fun girly. Big hugs to you!! Congratulations Traci (Pink Panthered the win!!) and congratulations @lindacaricofe and the rest of the winners. Thanks Tracy!!

Wrote three years ago
Tracy, so sweet of u ! I truly treasure & appreciate your compliment :-)

Wrote three years ago
@lmm2nd - Your set is amazing!!!!! xo

Wrote three years ago
@marina-diana - Swetie, you are welcome! You have loads of talent!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you for posting this collection to right the wrong from the glitch. Unfortunately is does happen. Appreciate the win, Ty :)

Wrote three years ago
Thank u, don't worry about the glitches things happen but it was really great of to recognize my sets thank u again:) Have a Beautiful Valentine's Day


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