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Polyvore Doll Menagerie (PDM)

Aah, another doll group! But there's always room for one more, right! The definition of a menagerie is a collection of live wild animals on exhibition for the curiosity and entertainment of the public. It's also a diverse, exotic, or unusual group of people or things. So let's put that into "Doll Speak:" a collection of diverse, exotic, and unusual dolls on display for our fellow doll makers to be inspired & entertained by. And yes, there will be contests! All types of dolls are welcome here: beautiful dolls, artsy dolls, freaky dolls, exotic-otherworldly dolls. Let your imagination be your guide! This group is for DOLLS/DOLLS SETS ONLY!!! NO pre-made dolls! Please use minimum 2-3 different doll parts to CREATE a doll. And as this is a doll group, any fashion sets & their creator will be rejected & ejected immediately. I love fashion, but there are so many great fashion groups for you to submit your sets to. I appreciate your understanding. As of December 10, 2015 membership will be by invitation only. Thank you! group estab. 9 Aug 2013
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