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The Polyvore Evolution ♔

Welcome to the Polyvore Evolution! Polyvorian of the month: TBA Tip of the month: Sets of the month collection: What this group will be responsible for; • Keeping you updated with current events on Polyvore & in the real world. • Advertisements for members who want to be recognized. • Got something you want to share with Polyvore or important news? This group will help you promote whatever you need whether its getting people to like a set, or getting people to flag someone off of Polyvore! • Polyvorian of the Month; Each month we will be looking around for a notable Polyvorian and we will tag them here and just write a brief description about them! (Great way to get well-known on Polyvore!) • Tip of the Month; Each month we will be looking out for a great tip account, or specifically, a tip set which everyone should check out! • Open group dicussions; Since everyone is so busy, it's hard to keep updated with you friends. Open discussions allow you & your friends to just talk about certain topics, express your views, etc. • LIVE TINYCHATTING/CHATZY; What better way to socialize with your friends on Polyvore with a live chat! We will try and post Tinychats/Chatzys when possible and give a time where we all should attend the event! • Tumblr/Blog promotions! • Easy, fun, quick contests! All contests will be at a duration of ONE week and it will give polyvorians a chance to win trophies, etc. • Major projects; Now & then we will try and come up with something really fun. Whether its hosting a choice awards, or hosting a game! • Fan Wars; One direction? Justin Bieber? Who DOESN'T love arguing about who they are in love with? • Advice Column; Having a hard day? Need someone to talk to? PM one of the moderators, you will be anonymous and we will post your problem in the announcements with our advice. Ex; Q; I miss my mom. A; Blah blah, blah, blah. • Sets of the Month Each month, each moderator will vote on 5 of their favorite sets that has been submitted to the group and they will be put in a collection. • Project Runway; Ready to put your fashion skills to the test? We will be hosting a fashion designing contest, the winner will be promoted! • & MORE IDEAS TO COME! ~ IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, PLEASE INBOX any of the other moderators you feel comfortable with! M E E T T H E M O D S ; ~ Angele: @angelechantelle ~ Caroline: @sweetcaroline2 ~ PG&&C: @polyvoresgameschallenges ~ Adrianna: @adriannahope
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