Hey, I'm Linda.
Polyvore is my hobby.
We all know how cool it is when someone clicks "like" on your sets.
But, so many sets on Polyvore are never seen because this is a mega huge site.
When you create a set, while posting them here and there, please include posting your set to this group.
As time goes by, if all goes to my plan, there will be many " The Polyvore Galleries " that showcase some of your sets.
Templates, art, fashion, abstract, dolls, divas, vintage, fantasy....whatever you enjoy creating, join this group and add this group to your list of where you post your sets.
Sure, there will be contests...but, for now, the main goal is getting your sets shown.
You work hard on creating what you enjoy, so, add another place to post your set.
A premier collection has already begun, however, once I reach 100 members, I will create separate galleries for your kind of set....such as, fashion collections, doll collections, abstract art collections, Interiors collections and so forth.
The sets that are selected for the collections will be enjoyed for years to come.
At this time, I have over 4,000 followers, and almost 2,000,000 hits in ONE year.....so, when I like your set, it does get seen :-)
Here's the link to the group, will I see you there, I sure hope so, best wishes, Linda

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