The Polyvore Harvard Academy ♥ [ tpha ]

The Polyvore Harvard Academy ♥ [ tpha ]
Moderated by hanialovvesyou and tpha-xx.
Hello girls. ♥

Welcome to The Polyvore Harvard Academy! All girls of polyvore, whatever age, whatever background, everybody is welcome here.

First of all, our battle account is @tpha-xx. That will be our account for icon/crests, contest info, auditions, etc. ♥
There are three houses to our academy- Academic Angels, Soulful Sweethearts and Powerful Princesses ♥
Here, the girls are encouraged to work strongly as a team to get the highest amount of house points to earn awards and prizes. A queen of the academy is chosen each semester. ♥
To get started, check under a house name for your name. If you are one of the lucky beauties that got in, you must participate in all contests and be active. Some contests will require a story; some will just require a set. Most importantly, read ALL the updates. This way, you will know e v e r y t h i n g about contests, parties etc.
How points are given out?: ♥
- If you're place first on a contest, you get 20 points for yourself and your house.
second; 15
third; 12
fourth; 10
fifth; 8
sixth; 6
seventh; 4
last; 2
And besides from that, you get 2 points for participating in a contest!
The W A I T I N G L I S T IS OPPPENNN! Be sure that if you would like to (maybe) contribute in this battle to sign up!♥
The Academic Angels: ♥
These girls use their knowledge well; they have an original twist in their sets and work very well in teams. The house mascot is a lion, to represent their knowledge and their reliability. The house colors are dark red and tan. The head girl of this house is: @hmcr - 118 points
House Members & points they have earned:

O1. @frannyboy-xo - 14 points
O2. @dancerabby - 113 points
O3. @sunsets-on-the-east-side - 116 points
O4. @heyyitskim - 112 points
O5. @tori-mellark - 96 points
O6. @kristalovesallstarweekend - 104 points
O7. @mellers99 - 26 points
O8. @ginaheartscupcakes - 118 points
O9. @poepig - 96 points
1O. @elaine-elizabethxo - 0 points
overall - 841 points


The Soulful Sweethearts♥
These girls know their music like the back of their hand, they have original taste and have odd ways which gets them noticed, they are very supporting of each other. The house mascot is a flower, to show off their original ways. The house colors are pinkish-purple and light blue. The head girl of this house is: @lillyisabanana - 67 points
House members & points they have earned:

O1. @nerdychic-xx - 0 points
O2. @accio-samantha - 98 points
O3. @nomieissoepic - 0 points
O4. @ashley-chic - 14 points
O5. @biddy4ever - 96 points
O6. @chicksmania - 22 points
O7. @chloeanna-xo - 24 points
O8. @p314aa - 108 points
O9. @trendychic53 - 118 points
1O. @silver-sparrow - 89 points
overall - 516 points


The Powerful Princesses: ♥
The girls from “Powerful Princesses” know how to lead, which is why they work amazing as a team, they are competitive and try their best at everything. The house mascot is a polar bear which represents their powerful ways. The house colors are green and pink. The head girl of this house is: @itsari - 104 points
House Members & points they have earned:

O1. @summerlove-sarah - 104 points
O2. @summer23134 - 129 points
O3. @live-love-laugh-dream-sparkle-xo - 104 points
O4. @xoxo-arianna - 0 points
O5. @autumnspice-xo - 14 points
O6. @busydreaming - 108 points
O7. @selenuh - 34 points
O8. @sweetcaroline2 - 115 points
O9. @cornwashere - 113 points
1O. @gabbilurvsya - 91 points
overall - 815 points


Rules and etiquette of academy: ♥
- Do not bash on other houses. If this happens, your house points will be removed at first. The second time you do this you will be removed from the group. We have a 0 tolerance policy for such actions.
- Do not copy, be original! If this happens, however, you will be forced to pack your bags and leave the academy.
- Apply only if you stay active. You will be getting 3 strikes (one strike for not entering a contest) and then you're eliminated. A person from the waiting list will take your place. All types of sets are allowed, fashion to art. However, text sets are NOT allowed.
- If you wish to change houses or have a question/issue, please PM me [@carlayyy] as soon as possible.

House point table: ♥
The points are counted after each semester. The semesters are as follows:
****First semester: June 1 2012-August 1 2012.
Second semester: September 1 2012- November 1 2012
Third semester: December 1 2012- February 1 2013
Fourth semester: March 1 2013- May 1 2013
Fifth semester: May 1 2013-June 1 2013*****

& These semesters mark a year. ♥
Good luck on the school year and remember to have fun and stay active ♥
Your TPHA headmistress, Carly [@carlayyy] ♥
This group is completely inspired by the no-longer active group;♥
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  • 545 sets