Polyvore members Sets I have found to be dear to my heart

I surf Polyvore all the time.
I feel like a kid in a candy store, only instead of candy, the treats are for my eyes to see, my heart to smile.
I love fantasy sets and fashion sets..in fact, I love it all.
So, this collection will be for sets I happen upon while surfing, that, have my heart.
I only click like on what I really do like.
And, many times I click on sets of members who have never crossed my path.
When my eyes feel happy, and my mouth utters, ahhhhh, it's a set that I not only like, but adore.
So, this collection includes those sets....however, no collection could possibly hold all of the sets I adore everyday from my followers.
Best wishes,
Linda Caricofe
  • "Be Brave: Next Stop...THE FUTURE"
    "A set that really captures my week...dear to my heart set because I am living the words, I am brave enough to face the future after loosing a beloved pet, dear Fonzie, set artist is @lina2lina" — @linda-caricofe
  • bling bling for my dear
    "I know this set took so much time to create, and my heart is touched by it's beauty, especially due to the fact, the set was created for me. The perfect set by @didesi" — @linda-caricofe
  • Happy Veterans Day!
    "Although I do not know this Poly, this set is dear to my heart, that's her son in this set, SALUTE to @lkthompson best wishes and hugs from Linda, proud wife of retired Air Force recuiter" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wambli Music Box
    "This is the kind of set that is dear to my heart, especially due to the fact it is created by a Poly dear to my heart, @wambliwakan" — @linda-caricofe
    "This Poly is indeed dear to my heart.
    We are linked like real life friends, even though only on cyber space...hugs to you my Poly, true hugs, love this set & U :-) @louisevegasgirl" — @linda-caricofe
  • ö
    By boix
    "Dear Karma, I have a list of people you have missed...oh my, yes indeed, this set touches my heart..set is by Poly artist @boix" — @linda-caricofe
  • Polyvore Galleries all sets with a happy face or smile contest
    "by @momyrazzi I posted sets while my buddy Ozzie the cat was ill and when he passed I created a Polyvore Galleries contest as a tribute to him, the Make Me Smile happy face contest, LOVE this set, it is dear to my heart" — @linda-caricofe
  • Sweet Memory
    "by @glitta , this set says so much, look so real, and is so true ..this set, I shall always remember, this is really true" — @linda-caricofe
  • To my friends :))
    "Dear to my heart because @anne-irene dedicated this set to me and some of her friends....and it's so beautiful, so is she" — @linda-caricofe
  • I Wear Pink For My Caregivers
    "@sophisty is a Breast Cancer survivor...click on her set and read her comment, and you will agree, she is indeed truly wonderful" — @linda-caricofe
  • Someone to Count On
    "Polyvore friends know your pain, and
    reach out to make things right again, made for me , by my dear friend @incogneato" — @linda-caricofe
  • September
    "@lastchance created this set for me and some friends..it's wonderful to receive a set like this, sometimes something like this can really make one's day" — @linda-caricofe
  • Tender Moment
    "To look at this set is to dream, it is indeed a drink of beauty..set is by @paulid" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cat Wish
    "This is the dearest sweetest set ever...look at the painting, @ladycelina even did the painting on the easel....oh my, dear adorable set, dear to my heart" — @linda-caricofe
  • beauty of the past...
    "Because Liz Taylor is someone I admired, and because this set creator picked items for the set that are so truly Liz, I adore this set, by @gul07" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Gathering of Friends ~ For All of My Friends and Contacts
    "@victorianheaven created this set for her friends to let us know she has been busy but OK, and that is so special, because all Polyvore friends really do care :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Sapphire Moon
    "This set holds much meaning to me, created by @incogneato, who somehow knows I am always reaching for that dream...that's what this set says to me" — @linda-caricofe
  • When the utopia was just that!
    "created by @almadiana-birthday-7-22 ....must click on set and read caption, well worth the click" — @linda-caricofe
  • Rabbit - bottom of the food chain
    "I am an avid animal lover, I truly do love all animals, with all of my heart. This set , created by @kathy-martenson-sanko is dear to me" — @linda-caricofe
  • Message in a bottle
    "When you have friends on Polyvore they really are true blue. This set was created for me and some other friends too, by @maryanne-busuttil" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled 43
    "I love birds. This set was created by @ceca-66 Notice this bird is his royal majesty , wearing his crown and a bracelet is his necklace..that is adorable !!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • My art on Polyvore
    "When I was a kid all the way till in my 20's, I always carried a sketch pad to sketch ideas and such. This set created by @lady-mystral really touched my heart" — @linda-caricofe
  • Walking through the moonlight
    "This set is dear to me, my Polyvore friend @almadiana created it for me, I am amazed because it has fire flies in it, I love the dear fireflies that light the night" — @linda-caricofe
  • Puttin' On The Ritz..........
    "Created by @nz-carla I truly do love antiques to vintage....always" — @linda-caricofe
  • Everybody loves a parade.
    "This set is special. The African art is amazing, the fashions are the perfect touch...and most wonderful, the written words....and then the song..it's the complete unforgetable with a smile set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Life isn't about finding yourself,Life is about creating yourself
    "Rainie is not only a Polyvorian, but an artist..be sure to read what Rainie writes about this set and you will undersatnd why Rainie is a standout. Everyone loves Rainie, how could one not :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • For Linda Caricofe
    "@indy is more than a follower, she is indeed a Polyvore friend. She knows I love peacocks, but did not know I collected book marks.
    How amazing is this, that she created a bookmark for me.
    Karma, yes, I do believe" — @linda-caricofe
  • Rose
    "I love fantasy, I also love fairies. This set is from a dear Polyvore friend who not only creates wonderful fantasy sets but shares her things to all" — @linda-caricofe
  • the love of a cat
    "I love art. One look at this set and my heart felt peace. Art flows in this set...it's most memorable" — @linda-caricofe
  • Flower songs
    "@rainingmoon created this dear set, she is a dear friend that does not realize her talent. I think this set is one of her best, it's wonderful" — @linda-caricofe
  • Vintage Cats
    "I love all animals, however, the wonderful cats are my favorite. This set is so beautiful and touching too. Looks like a painting, I love it. Created by @merirous who creates amazing sets" — @linda-caricofe
  • We Say NO to Oil
    "Most of us on Polyvore love animals. I added this set, because I agree with the cause and because the set truly makes this statement. Some of nature must be saved, so is the case here, it's sacred ground." — @linda-caricofe
  • Pretty In Purple
    "And then there are delightful sets like this one...the romance of lovely things as a set." — @linda-caricofe
  • Little Black Dress
    "This set was created by marastyle, her sets are as amazing as I proclaim, always major wowowowowow" — @linda-caricofe
  • printed dress
    "Anther set created for me by one of my wonderful followers. I am amazed by how we Polyvorians truly do begin to understand what each other enjoys. This set, is so truly my joy." — @linda-caricofe
  • Persian Pickles
    "I LOVE Paisley, another wonderful set that was created for me. So many wonderful Polyvore friends. I have missed a few sets for this collection I am sure, if so, please let me know. My Polyvore friends are most important to me, hugs to you all" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wambli for Linda
    "Polyvore brings friends together from all over the world. This friend created this set for me, it's beautiful complete with art. It's amazing to know she knows what I like even though we have never come face to face. Love it, and want to wear it :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • White Angel in Red
    "There's something special about this set, it is delightful, a must keep to enjoy set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wedding Dream....... !
    "There's such a magical look to this fabulous set, love it" — @linda-caricofe
  • Ready for the Night
    "When the fashion is highlighted by the model. LOVE this set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Η Αλίκη στη χώρα;;;;;;;;;
    "I absolutely love this set, so real, yet fantasy" — @linda-caricofe
    "If I had an extra room, this is what I would do with it. Irene, you are wonderful" — @linda-caricofe
  • Rainbow
    "Fashion with rainbow colors..unforgetable set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Shackled By Time
    "Look at the items list, then the set & U will know how amazing this set is...I am amazed by this set, love it" — @linda-caricofe
  • Тhe game...
    "I love collecting antique playing cards, so, naturally this set has my heart. It's fabulous" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled
    "I love color and lit candles in a set. I also adore this Polyvorian who is fun and whose talent is amazing" — @linda-caricofe
  • 048
    "Look at the items list, then this amazing creation. It looks like it is glowing & it is a totally different look from the original face. WOW" — @linda-caricofe
  • Life on a Grand Scale
    "This person has created so many wonderful sets, that all are my favorites.
    Life on a grand scale, perfect title, perfect set" — @linda-caricofe
  • Home sweet home
    "look at the items list, then this set..it is a fabulous work of imagination" — @linda-caricofe
  • For the Love of Vintage Dolls, Animals and Lindacaricofe
    "This set was created by one of my Polyvore friends.
    I am adding it to this collection for it's visual beauty, and even more so, for the dedication this wonderful person put into it.
    All of this, too dear for words" — @linda-caricofe
  • Il Mondo di Nary
    "sometimes sets seen need to be kept, so, they can be shared" — @linda-caricofe


Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set to this amazing collection.
PS: So sorry to hear about your pet. I lost mine about 6 months ago and it is hard,for sure.
"Be Brave"....hugs!

Wrote two years ago
Oh, you have a huge perception to discover the hidden meaning of each set, thanks Linda. Happy to see my set here!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you madam for the add, i'm so honored...i love reading all your wonderful captions....

Wrote three years ago
Thank you for including my set to your amazing collection!!

Wrote three years ago
This collection is so amazing and touching by your written comments :)) You are such an angel dear friend !!
Thank you so much for including my set :))

Wrote three years ago
This is such a lovely collection, all the more special to read your captions! XOXO

Wrote three years ago
Wow amazing collection and honoured to have my set here and thanks so much for the lovely comments dear :) xoxo

Wrote three years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
I love birds too, thanks for adding my set in your amazing collection, thank you so much my friend!!!


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