Polyvore Populars Highlight Members 2013

These amazing people make up 2013's top set makers for Polyvore Populars. They placed first in the monthly highlight contest, and all deserve the place they've been given. Each has their own style, own sense of fashion and layout, their own take on the world and their own story to tell. They are only few but are part of the many trend setters that make up Polyvore - that make up Polyvore Populars.
  • NEON
    "Hola September! This wonderful set was made by the forever-gorgeous @teenslove-style who's VIBRANT, summer-inspired set not only met this months competition theme dead-on, but did so fashionably!" — @sydneygirl
  • Golden girl...
    "Incredible sets, style and layout say hello to our highlight member for August! The set should pretty much sum up why this wonderful individual was chosen, so follow, like, and what-not and be inspired by her lovely sets." — @sydneygirl
  • Seduto qua.
    "Her style is incredible and her layouts are just pure magic, which is why we have chosen her as our July Highlight Member for Polyvore Populars 2013!" — @sydneygirl
  • Chicnova & Louboutin
    "Our wonderful June Highlight member for Polyvore Populars!! Amazing simplicity in a set that shows just the perfect amount of flawless fashion sense and a flawless face! @bermuda-tricorne" — @sydneygirl
  • Untitled #549
    "Say "hello" to our May Highlight member for 2013!! It was very close competition and we're so happy to have @corni-co-te-bravi as the winner and new highlight member for this month! Killer style, layout and everything... So flawless!" — @sydneygirl
  • Untitled #137
    "Say hello to APRILS HIGHLIGHT MEMBER! For this month we had our first 'strict rules' competition. Although we didn't have many entries, we are all glad to have @herewithlu as one of our Polyvore Populars Highlight members! Her sets are incredible! :D" — @sydneygirl
  • Live every day with intention!
    "And our March 2013 highlight member is @rakagard! The sets created by this talented and fashion inspired, trend-setting individual are all just amazing and incredible!" — @sydneygirl
  • water
    "Say hello to litte miss February for our Highlight Members 2013 :) The theme and layout is so amazing and incredible, yet another inspirational set from this wonderful set creator who's simple ensemble sets the trend for February 2013." — @sydneygirl
    "February. Amazing in so many ways, this is the trend-setter to watch. That rock/edgy look people have been looking for meets chic lines and crazy-awesome layouts. This set is just an example of this polyvorians awesome take on fashion." — @sydneygirl


Wrote two years ago
@herewithlu so so sorry for the late reply (I didn't see your comment! hehe :3) your welcome, you deserved it as do all our chosen highlight members. Originally this idea was to not only highlight other members work but to also give them a boost of confidence and happiness to ensure them that people do love their sets. Some people may get discouraged over time if they don't get much positive feedback, so this is our small way of doing what we can to shine a positive light on others work here on Polyvore. :)
@mirisproleca no problem and congratulations :D
@teenslove-style Congrats! Your set was amazing! Your style really fits in with todays trends but also has this really refreshing feel to it which went really well with this months theme. Obviously we loved it (enough for it to be placed first) and hope others do to. :))

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much! This is an honor! <3

Wrote two years ago
thank you dear for the wonderful compliments and the honor to be august highlight member!

Wrote three years ago
PS. What a lovely thing you do - putting so much effort into highlighting other members' work - you're amazing.

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much! I'm very honoured to be chosen!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much!

Wrote three years ago
It is a great honour to be March Highlight Member! Thanks for choosing me!


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  • psylocke18
  • gabriellabejenaru
  • gabriros
  • roguecop
  • babyfairy
  • mirisproleca
  • fashion-is-a-style-of-life
  • editaeduardovna
  • teenslove-style
  • username313
  • herewithlu
  • palmanana
  • rakagard
  • asianpersuasion08
  • stylistish

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