Hello fabulous ladies at Polyvore Prestige! My name is Payton Haley. Pronounced just how it's spelt! I am a Glamourous Goddess and ready to take on the world! As of today I am 15 years young and living life to the fullest. I live in the USA in the "Great Northwest" state of Washington; where you can always count on a rainy day and cloud covered skys! It might not be the most cheerful place in the world but it is definatly what I call HOME! If you haven't already noticed I am VERY bubbly. I love meeting new people and going out to parties, etc! You can always count on me to cheer anyone up. I am always smiling and laughing and not letting stupid little petty drama bother me. We all only live once so why waste it being sad and moaning about things that happened like two months ago? Pointless. I sort of tend to be a little to friendly, forgive people a little to easy, give out second chances and third and fourths but hey? Even if I get hurt by it, I know I made the biggest effort to make everything alright and if I got hurt by it, I hope someone else out there in the world learned from my mistake. When I ask people what there first impression of me was they say things like; happy, hyper, energetic, loud, crazy, trendy, friendly, random or something along those lines. I'm a people pleaser what can I say? :)

I have posted ton's of real life pictures here on polyvore. I'm not a fake, and I want people to like me for the real me, not the me I could "pretend" to be. I will never change for anyone, because in the end I've only hurt myself and made myself weaker. I have long blonde hair and BIG blue eyes. I'm about 5'9 and wear a size 3ish. I'm not stick, model skinny, I have muscle and a curvy figure, but I've learned to embrass it and be proud of it. Sure, some things don't look good on my body, but then I know just not to wear them. My style? My style, is one that is VERY hard to describe. I change my mind a lot and it reflects in my clothes. If I had to describe it I would say; preppy, trendy, sporty, and classy all put into one. Some of my favorite things to wear are, high waisted shorts/pants, slouchy crop tops, blazers (shrunken and normal), flats, UGGs, leather jackets, skirts (all types), cardigans, extravagent jewerly and bags, and dresses. I like to mix it up and think outside of the box. The outfit I have chosen in this set is something I would actually wear. The flowy purple top would be losly tucked into the HIGH waisted shorts. Ton's of jewerly and stand outish shoes. Plus, I adore the Chanel bag that I would wear draped across my body!

The most important piece to my charactor is my athletisism. I am a sport finatic. Soccer has been my life since I was three years old. I've traveled with many different teams and been to state tournaments multiple times. I will always love soccer, it is my MOST FAVORITE thing ever. ♥ I also play basketball, run track and dance a little. My life without excerising and working out would just not be my life. I'm perfectly fine missing out on a Saturday night party for gym time. But don't get me wrong, I love to party. :)

"I am 100% me and that is something you will never be" ♥

Payton Haley
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