The following tutorial on organizing your saved items was written by @arjanadesign. I am sharing her tips to help you get organized and find your items easier and faster so you spend more time creating and less time looking for the right items!

"1. On your activity page click on “organize items”
(If you're a new member and not sure how to get there, click on the 0 to the left of your profile pic)
2. Your items will come up and under the Polyvore logo you will see the following:
Delete selected items Tag selected items with 
3. The blank box next to “tag selected items with” is where you “label” your items, i.e. jewelry, pants, tops, sofas, chairs, pictures, whatever…. 

(I'm going to add my lil' piece of advice to Phyllis's tips here - In addition to # 3, I find it easier to tag a certain selection if I use the search option and type in "pillow", for example, all my pillows come up that I've not yet tagged and I can then "select all" and tag them all at once instead of searching through each page of untagged items to find the pillows and click them one by one!) 
4. Let’s say you typed in jewelry – click on all the jewelry you want in this tag. After everything is highlighted click on “tag” 
NOTE – IF ONCE YOU TAG THE FIRST SET OF ITEMS AND YOU STILL SEE THEM, put your cursor on the drop down menu next to “all items” and click
5. It will say “Not yet tagged” 
6. Go through all your items repeating the above steps until everything is neatly organized. It’s pretty cool. 
7. You can also search your items:
Next to “all items” is a blank box that says “title search” Type in what you’re looking for (something you’ve saved) and click on the search icon. 
As you keep liking and collecting items, simply go into your organized items and click on "not yet tagged" and follow the steps above. After awhile you'll get the hang of it. 
Go to the tag name you created
Click on select all
To the right it will say “Remove tag ? from selected items” 
Click remove 
Everything will now move to “items not tagged” so you can retag them. 
HOW TO DELETE A TAG - You can't. Once you remove everything out of a tag - the tag will go away by itself. Sometimes it takes a few days. Sometimes it's as soon as you exit and reenter your items. 
Organizing your items makes set making quicker and keeps you from having to scroll trough hundreds of pages. Trust me, I use to do that before I discovered you can create folders for all your items. 
Now when you make a set you can click on the drop down menu and quickly find what you’re looking for. Yay! 
Learning new tricks is fun and helps so much.


From @nscooper: "My advice to anyone would be to tag your items often.Otherwise you will be where I am quite often...tagging items all night long!!!"
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