my polyvore story:
i discovered polyvore about 2 years ago. i knew a thing or 2 about fashion. but not much. my first set was a dress and a pair of heels, and looking back, it was mismatched (but not in a fun way). after having my polyvore for a few months, my style had already changed so much in my sets. one month would be girly and whimsical, the next would be retro and edgy.. i was always going through new styles and trends which is normal, what girl doesnt? But having my account for this long has morphed my personal style, including makeup, clothes, music, personality even. Ive grown more as person and have gained so much confidence. and the reason being that i would always learn new tricks to highlight this part of my body or slim myself here and there with just a belt. at school i can wear risky pieces and things that are more high fashion than sperrys and skinny jeans, which are everywhere. i have expanded my style and am no longer afraid to stand out with my clothes. sure, people look at me because i am rocking a peplum or am the only one colorblocking. but the thing is plyvore made me not care anymore. i just know that i like what im wearing and no one can take that away from me (i lerned that from my sets. not everyone liked them, but i did). polyvore has also been somewhat of a safe haven for me. when i would have a bad day, i knew that i could always express myself through my sets which made me calmer and happier in general because i didnt have everything bottled up anymore. polyvore has definitley cleared up what i want to do as a future job. all the.. fashion and glamour absolutely has me wanting to do something in the fashion field, and all the inspiring picures gets me wanting to to photography. so, in short, polyvore has made me a better, confident, and more stylish person. i am so glad i found it.
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