Here's a tipp for beginners at polyvore.
You can cut out (customize) articles and clothes by yourself. Did you know that? I didn't for a loooong time. I always used the whole article and it never fit the way I wanted. Here are some ways what you can do with the customize button:

1. Cut out ONLY PARTS of articles, maybe a 2 column fits better than a 3 column! Or cut out only the main sentence, or only the main word, the statement! :) Or customize by giving the text a pyramid form or a circle.

2. There are a lot of pictures out there with text. But sometimes you only like the text and NOT the picture, or you just need some words to fresh up your set. Maybe there is no place for another picture - but for some words! So cut them out! You can make interesting cuts like zigzag, be creative!

3. You don't like the shape of the shirt? No problem! You can't make it bigger but you can make it smaller or make a top out of a shirt, it's like DIY.

4. With this knowledge you can also create half-half combinations. I saw a lot of them on polyvore. The advantages are that you can save place in your set and you can do a lot of overlay clothes like coats + sweater or blouse + top. This means you can bring in more articles and you can send your sets to more contests!

As I said, I found that out very late. I don't know why. I guess at the beginning you do not use every opportunity polyvore gives you because there are so many things you can do here. But I always ask myself: How can people make so cool sets with a pyramid text form???? This is the answer.

I hope I could help you newbies!
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