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http://designer-kay.blogspot.com PLEASE JOIN:;POLYVORE'S MOST TALENTED http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=78806 & POLYVORES BEST JEWELRY DESIGN http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=78806 ::POLYVORE'S MOST TALENTED group is For ARTISANS **ARTISTIC PREMIUM DESIGNERS** **ALL LUXURY COUTURE**, **VOGUE FASHIONS** & **ALL ACCESSORIES** SHOES ** WEDDINGS** & **HOME DECOR **!!! group # 2 :: POLYVORES BEST JEWELRY DESIGNS http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=78806 is for the jewelry lover. ****************** CONTESTS & CONTESTS GALORE!!!*********** ******SPECIAL NOTE******* GROUP INTEREST INCLUDES******* *HIGH END ARTISANS* (must have high end or unique handmade products and web site to down load images & able to use ( clip to polyvore) * {LUXURY COUTURE}* : *{VOGUE FASHIONS & ACCESSORIES}* : * { ARTISAN ITEMS}* (high end and or Quality}: *( DESIGNER JEWELRY}* : *{ All UNIQUE ACCESSORIES}* : *( SHOES} * : *( WEDDINGS}* : *{ UNIQUE HOME DECOR ITEMS}* : & * { DESIGNERS OF UNIQUE PRODUCTS }* & *{ SUPERB ARTISANS & PRODUCTS }* Sorry, sorry , sorry here but only high end items , or quality only!!! and please no basic ervery day average stuff here or low quality art items or cheap junk :):) . ********************************** This is for> , * SERIOUS * & * ARTISTICALLY TALENTED POLYVORE DESIGNERS * & * PROFESSIONALISM * !!!!! This is for people who love their work and are SERIOUS about designing ** EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN ** AND LOVE LOVE LOVE FASHIONS, JEWELRY, SHOES, ACCESSORIES, HOMES DECOR & UNIQUE QUALITY OR HIGH END ARTISTIC ITEMS!!!! .If you have UNIQUE CUTTING EDGE DESIGNS OR LAYOUTS , or ARTISTIC ABILITY OR FLAIR and EXCELLENT CREATIVE DESIGN EYE then PLEASE PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP !!! This group is formed for you!!! *************************************************** PLEASE JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU ARE :::::::: BEST of the best!!! cream of the crop !!!!! OR A HIGH END ARTISAN , with your own products you make. must have a wed site to download your own items!!! AGAIN , ONLY FOR PERSONS SERIOUSLY ABOUT EXCELLENCE IN LAYOUT & DESIGNS, or seek a career as a professional artistic layout designer . This POLYVORE GROUP must really love DESIGNING with many UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS & love Using luxury high end items, or items Unique in nature in many price points!!! ,weddings,Evening wear, party stuff, glitzy , artistic home decor, luxury,, vogue couture , fashions, accessories, shoes &, home decorator items and unique items is what this group is about., HIGH END & QUALITY MADE ARTISAN ITEMS!! and who have a desire to do excellent layouts and designs, who have a cutting edge for creativity, and an exceptional eye for excellence in artistic design *******SPECIAL NOTE FROM MODERATOR******* Hello to all my many polyvore fans:):) I am Kay Jacobs (Designer Kay) I Live ,, breathe & love to design unique items!!! I have been designing since a child, born with a natural gifted talent for creativity, I have had a love for designing with materials from fabrics, to wood, to gemstones to metals, I absolutely live to designs !! Many times I cannot sleep at night, because visions of new ideas & design run across my mind and are very prevelant , peace of mind only occurs when I get up an write all ideas down on paper.......our family loves to start Businesses of many types!!! We have owned and operated different stores, owned a DESIGN COMPANY which involved many types of equipment & machinery , sewing machines, casting equipment & computers, from developing, designing & marketing exclusive items & manufacturing fashions, & jewelry products shipped worldwide. We have opperated a construction & remodeling co. & currently Instructional jewelry DVD'S and a new line of art, fashions & jewelry products . I especially promote the artistic endeavors of artisans & endorse high quality workmanship , to uniqueness of design.. My design company focuses COUNSULTING OTHERS IN EXCELLENCE IN DESIGNS!!! creativty ,uniqueness, workmanship, DIY Instructions on DVD's to teaching a superb eye for harmony, balance & creativity & excellence. I love to share my learned experiences & gifted talents with the world and this is why we designed a line of instructional jewelry & home decor DVD's I enjoy & love to teach the world to design, and share my gifted talenst with all. My philosphy is to never bury a talent, and whatever you do , do it with all your might!!! From owning & operating construction co. To renovation & remodeling homes for re-market. , we have experienced many facets of lifes journeys!! Many products we designed exclusively were products & worldwide & sold in chain stores. The many types of products , have included home interior items, Fashion Designing & garment assembly, to accessories & jewelry design , developing & marketing worldwide to the trade shows & jewelry & bead industry.: current a line of instructional HOW TO DO, JEWELRY MAKING DVD'S under ( DESIGNER KAY ) is available on ( amazon.com ) & ( Artfire.com) under( Designer Kay) I will be your moderator for this group and will include special unique contests to enhance & expand your artistic abilities!!! I will give it my best and hope you enjoy this new exciting design group. Have a happy day !! Kay Jacobs ( Designer Kay) :):):)
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