Polyvore's Project Runway

Polyvore's Project Runway
Moderated by shoegirl927 and noblebeeyotch.
Polyvore's very own PROJECT RUNWAY is here! Submit all your favorite fashion sets! Enjoy!



Check out our new blog: http://polyvoresprojectrunway.blogspot.com/
Just like the original PR it will have 12 contestants who will then compete against each other through weekly fashion challenges. The 12 Project Runway contestants will be whittled down week-by-week to the finalists who will show their own line in front of an audience of the fashion world of Polyvore.
And when it is over, we will have our winner, who will be crowned the most fashion-savy designer on Polyvore.
The contestants will get 1-2 weeks(depending on type of challenge) to complete a set in each challenge by the end of which there will be 1 elimination and 1 winner. The winner will automatically receive immunity for the next challenge. When we get down to the final four there is no more immunity. Those who fail to submit entry for a challenge will be considered eliminated by default. As always, the Final Challenge will be "The Runway" where our contestants will have to submit 4 sets that will be their collection, as seen by them, coming down the runway. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!
Our Season 1 Winner is
Winning Sets collection - http://www.polyvore.com/erin_winning_sets_from_polyvores/collection?id=83887
Our Season 2 Winner is
sylvester2074(requests open)
Winning Sets collection - http://www.polyvore.com/sylvester2074_requests_open_winning_sets/collection?id=281054
Our Season 3 Winner is
Winning Sets collection - http://www.polyvore.com/aleksandras_winning_sets_from_ppr/collection?id=365902
Our Season 4 Winner is
Winning Sets Collection - http://www.polyvore.com/evadonohoes_winning_sets_from_ppr/collection?id=526310
Our Season 5 Winner is
Johanna D.
Winning Sets Collection - http://www.polyvore.com/johanna_winning_sets_from_ppr/collection?id=890435
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