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PolyWards !


Ok so this is a little different, but please stick with me.

The entries in this contest are to be “nominated” by any user on Polyvore.

Any Sets can be entered as long as they have be “nominated”.

To nominate a user’s set please copy and paste the below text, along with a link to the contest into the comment section of their set.

“I am nominating you for a PolyWard, If you would like to accept the Nomination then enter this set into:
If you accept the nomination then please nominate another user as well, Share the Love.”

One Rule, if you have been nominated then please also nominate another user, share the love !

I will be nominating users myself because I have seen some amazing sets in “Admiration”.

P.S Limit to 3 entries per user, 1 week, 5 winners. The winners will be the first to receive PolyWards in the form of a set which will include their winning set.

Created by sparkle6. Created in Admiration. 152 sets from 93 members. Ended 6 years ago.