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Otis // Kanye West & Jay-Z
Meili Sun // Girls With Wings [audition]

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Not even sure why I’m auditioning when my sets are 1,000x worse than every other girl trying out for this roleplay. Oh well, I love the idea!

Meili Sun (20) 
Hometown: Ajaccio, Corsica
Previous jobs: modeling contract with Elite Model Management
Bio: Meili Sun always had an affinity for language: growing up learning Mandarin, Corsican, and French at home; then adding English and Italian at school. Her parents thought for sure this ease with language would help Meili in whatever career she had – and it did, just in a way they’d never expect. After graduation, just one week into her move to Paris for university, Meili was stopped on the street by a photographer who took her photo and her information. A week later she was invited to New York City for a meeting with a modeling agency. Being a girl who believes in the power of circumstance, she ditched her first week of classes and headed to NYC – and before she knew it she was swept into her first month of fashion weeks. But, after the shows, her “modeling career” seemed to end. That was, until the call from Victoria’s Secret. Meili was invited to do a shoot for PINK, and the rest is history. She immediately clicked with the brand, and has been starring in their campaigns for the past year – bringing new popularity. Now she’s earned a slot in her first VSFS, and has been called in for a meeting she speculates will be about an angel contract. Looks like little Meili may be getting her wings!
Model: Liu Wen

(she’s sort of the Behati Prinsloo girl: first Pink, then an angel contract – but still mostly working with Pink)


“Tant pis, Baba!” I said, trying to get a word in edgewise as my father yelled at me over the phone. I fiddled with the pull-string on the bright orange hoodie I wore over a lacy underwear set. I felt a hand run through my hair as the hairstylist began wrapping the dark pieces around a curler. I was trying to remain calm. 

“Non, je – ” I was again cut off. I was sure that everyone in the building could hear my father’s French screams. He always spoke French to me when he was angry. I think he thought it would make me miss France. Like hearing a few French words would suddenly make me want to jump on the next plan back to Paris and to university. But, he should have learned by now that screaming would do nothing. New York was my home now. Whatever we were fighting about it all boiled down to how angry he still was at me. This fight was cause because I wouldn’t come home for my mother’s birthday. He had scheduled the party the exact night of a big shoot for me, deliberately. I wouldn’t be tricked out of my job by him. 

The hairstylist walked away and I stood out of the chair, moving to an area with a bit more privacy. All of his yelling was beginning to blend together.

“Baba, I can’t do this right now. I have to go.” I spoke in English – which I knew he understood but refused to speak – just to bother him. I paused. “Je t’aime.” I waited for an answer, but after a moment the line went dead.

I hung up my phone and walked over to the vanity, slamming my phone down on the top. How could he not realize that what I was doing was what’s best for me. Finally, I was getting everything I wanted out of my job. Finally things were coming together in exactly the right way. I held onto the vanity top, trying to calm myself down.

“Meili?” the photographer called “Are you ready?”

I took a deep breath through the nose and nodded, turning around with a huge smile on my face.

“Always,” I said.

“That’s the spirit.”

I jogged over in front of the camera, ready to turn on the charm. Ready to knock it out like I always did. Let my father try to bring me down, he’d just fail – no one had that power anymore.
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