the tea party challenge. 
i had a nifty idea for a group. a long the lines of polyvore prestige but different. there will be four different pary's that will be best fit for your personality.
- southern tea party
- fairy tale tea party
- preppy tea party
- modern girl tea party
you will be selected and placed in which group fits you best and we will have fun contest. and you will get points for your team if you win. there will be all kinds of challenges and fun tea party inspired stuff.
if your interested in being a co-mod or a leader for a party, let me know!

Preppy Tea Party – The preppy girl doesn’t stir far from tradition. She is smart, sweet, and fun. She wears very cute timeless outfits such as polo’s, blazers and pearls. She is a timeless type gal who never goes out of style. Her choice of tea is ice tea.

Fairy tale Tea Party – The fairy tale type girl is a girl who never forgot about her childhood, she’s whimsical and still believes in love. She has a heart of gold and has an innocent, pure, charm. She is a dreamer. Her drink of choice is Herbal Tea.

Southern Belle Tea Party –The southern belle is a beautifully charming girl who was privileged enough to live below the Mason-Dixon Line. Her favorite accessory is a smile and has a bubbly personality. She wears her sundresses colorfully and you will never accent. She is usually sipping on sweet tea. 

Modern girl Tea Party – The modern girl is the Kind of girl who lives in a metro city and always stays up to date with the latest trends. She is fabulous and one of a kind. She is up to date and naturally smart. She is usually the stylish girl in the corner of a hip coffee shop drinking a cup of chai tea.
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