OHMYGOD! this set won the 1st place in the contest! girls thank you! this became possible because you are in my life! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

and thank you for all the lovely congratulations! you all are so kind!
even though we don't celebrate thanksgiving here, where I live, I thought I'd participate in this massive action of thankfulness:)

so dear
@theotherwhite I'm endlessly thankful for the stories your sets tell. I've already told you for so many times, and will repeat one more time. you're an amazing artist and I'm in love with your talent, you make me feel your sets, and what I feel brightens up my days. thank you for that and for your constant support (we're almost 2 years together, btw)! 

@pauly-23 your sets have taught me what the truly creativity is and that style is something that comes from the inside, no matter what are trends and seasons. thank you for being such an inspiration!!

@noelleinashell your feeling of colours and textures is just phenomenon, girl! chic, clean, fresh layouts of your sets and your talent of organizing the space always give me so much pleasure. I feel like if I'd hire a designer for decorating my place, that definitely would be you!:)

@reblou I'm following you almost from the very beginning of my being here, and you know what? your sets still surprise me. I'm in love with the chic, vintage touch your sets have. you're like my personal queen of elegant past style:) thank you for your works and sweet attention:)

@lidina futurism, minimalism, adorableness - are three words I'd describe your works. you're so unique! please never change it!
@opal17 you're the cutest girl I can think of, here on poly:) I wish you had more time for creating new sets, I love them all. You're such a sunny little creator:)

@sharmarie I can't believe that I haven't found you earlier, you're so attentive and so creative! I thank you for all the lovely comments you gave to my work. thank you from the bottom of heart!

@dorc if there was an election of the best square-shape layout set creator, my voice would be yours:) in love with the simplicity and sheer style of your sets. thank you for that!

@dreamer1983 Laura, I appreciate all the attention you pay to my works, thank you with all my heart!

@jesika-jc jes, I've already created a set to your honour, and now just want you to know that I'm happy that I have such a smart and beautiful polyfriend:)

@madamelove your works are like little fairytales, thank you for sharing them:) 

dear YOU (yes, you) I'm pretty much sure that I've forgot to say thank you to tones and tones of the best people ever, I'm sorry in advance for that, but I have a great excuse - my studying just kills me with the amount of work I have. still thank you for everything good you've done to me! I just wanted you to know about my thankfulness

with love and light,


Wrote three years ago
@opal17 as soon as I've seen your comment, I was like: "opal is here yaaaaaaaay *started clapping* " and my mum was like "ha? *suspicious stare*"
I'm very glad, that you're back and took so much positive energy with you ^-^
the merriest christmas ever, dear:)

Wrote three years ago
I apologize in the delay in replying. Congrats! you're a wonderful sets creation, you much deserve the praise. Thank you for support and tagging me in this amazing set. I appreciate your sincere friendship so much. totally beautiful!!! love the outfit so much! your style make me smile and your design is inspiration!!! all your sets is unlimited idea and superb style!!! flawless!!! love you all along!!! I will create new set as much as I can. thank you for loving my sets. Wish you merry christmas and a happy new year!!! :)

Wrote three years ago
@dear-inge Oh Thank you for your sweet thank you to me !!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
CONGRATS on your FIRST PLACE CONTEST WIN ! I am so happy for you !

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
fabulous style like always, I luv this jacket and great creativity in the background
thank u so much for your kind words and inspirations that comes from your style : )

Wrote three years ago
WOW, this is beautiful! The set itself and your lovely messages as well! THANK YOU so much - I´m so happy to have you too :)) And of course - CONGRATULATIONS ! !!!
(by the way - the set you made before is one of the best I´ve ever seen here)

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous set - congratulations! :)

Wrote three years ago
lovely set, congrats♥♥

Wrote three years ago
Hey! This set is perfect for the Awwdore contest in my group! Please enter it here-http://www.polyvore.com/awwdore_competition_win_prizes_from/contest.show?id=372350
have a wonderful day! :)

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
congratulation dear...

Wrote three years ago
Congrats lovely set!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
I'm so happy for you! I enjoyed this contest, congratulations! ♥

Wrote three years ago
this is wonderful. very sincere and wonderful to hear how you feel. thanks for sharing. a congratulations to you : )

Wrote three years ago
Congrats to you- this is a lovely set!!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago

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