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:Q_ I want this sweater,and the scarf,and THAT pair of toms,and the shorts,everything! Well,not the socks, i already have i pair like that♥

anyway, @isaywhatever tagged me in the indie this or that tag. ( started by @the-hipster-tip-sisters )

so.. let's go:
▲doc martens or jeffrey campbell's
docsdocsdocs (i love them! and im going to recive a pair of them on xmas,im so freaking happy)
▲triangle or cross
▲galaxy or woods
gosh,idk.. i can't choose!
▲denim or leather
maybe leather, but FAKE leather 
▲reading or listening to music
again,i can't choose between these two. BOTH
▲cardigans or sweaters
▲plaid blouses or cropped tops
plaid blouses
▲typewriters or wall quotes
▲hippie glasses or raybans
▲red lipgloss or black eyeliner

~Rule: when you are filling in the answers you have to tag at least 5 girls. if you are tagged,fill in the this or that tag,too (and tag the person)~

Soo, i tag: @allthoselittlethings , @laura-can-fly , @biddy4ever , @natza , @fluttershy-cmix
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