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Nikita Bernard (20)
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Step, pose, step, and fall down, crash and burn. Nikita was a model; confident and beautiful. One day during fall fashion week, she tripped with her sky high heels in an Alexander McQueen show. Now, models have fell before and have gotten gracefully and continued their career, it wasn’t a big deal. But being only 18 at the time, she was on the ground traumatized and it was the end of her career. She got a luxury apartment in her hometown and stayed there, a shut in. But after a year, she realized she needed to do something with her life, so she went back to modeling and moved to Shanghai. Nikita still remembers that flash moment of her falling and with her back to modeling, it can happen again. Because in Shanghai, where the girls are bitchier and the runways are an accident waiting to happen.
Looks: Josephine Skriver
TAKEN: @istylista

I'm Nikita Bernard. I've been modeling for a while but I hope my career really takes off here in Shanghai. Introduce yourselves. 

xxNikita (I received permission from @theporcelaindoll to change the name)
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