• Green on Green
    Amazing beauty photography by Max Cardelli. Love the shimmery metallic green eyeshadow with hints of gold against bright green eyes.
  • Sugarpill Review Swatches Vintage or Tacky
    Hi Guys and Dolls! So lately there’s been a lot of buzz on twitter and youtube surrounding this new brand, Sugarpill. Sugarpill was founded by the fun and funky Amy, known on Ebay and Etsy as...
  • Blue Makeup for Brown Eyes
    Inspired by this most gorgeous beauty shot from Monica True Photography I have found myself on a quest for more amazing examples of brown eyes emphasized with blue eyeshadow. Beautiful brown eyes…
  • Purple Makeup for Brown Eyes
    Gorgeous dramatic and alluring purple makeup ideas for those with brown eyes. Inspired by the cover of Elle Denmark photographed by Kenneth Rimm and featuring Sif Águstsdottir. First up we…
  • Green Eyeliner Inspiration
    Love the intense eyeliner in forest green on model Tiiu Kuik. Bright green eyeliner via fashion156.com Gorgeous green eyeliner for brown eyes from Bows and Curtseys: Loving the glittery touch: Try a…