Pitch Perfect;
Isla Imbruglia

♔Thursday January 10th: Pledge Initiation
Congratulations to all the new recruits on becoming part of the Princeton Tigresses/Tigers. As part of our welcome, it’s tradition that every new member pledges their allegiance to our Aca-group. It will be the first time you’ll meet your mentors and fellow Tigresses/Tigers. Have fun! 

♫ | Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

“Where are you going dressed like that?” Scott inquired, his eyes glued on my cleavage. I was wearing a revealing dress but nothing that he hadn't seen before.

I rolled my eyes, “I'm going out. Pledges are tonight.” I explained vaguely, not getting into details because honestly, I doubted he cared about that. Scott was all about paintings, not music, even though they were similar and both were classified as arts.

“Isla...” He began. There it was again, the constant feeling of over-protection. I didn't need that. I could defend myself.

“What, Scott?” I spat back. “I don't need another of your rants.”

“We made dinner plans, remember?” Scott looked down at me, his icy blue eyes looked hurt. I felt a pinch of remorse, I /did/ forget about that.

“Well I'm dressed for dinner.” I said. “But I have to go to pledges first.”

“You forgot again.” He shook his head, “I can't believe this.”

“Scott, stop that. Why are you always so insecure?” I asked him, my eyes locked with his. 

“Because you're younger and there's people of your age in there.” He admitted. Typical Scott, I thought. He always thought I was going to run away with another student and leave him behind.

I sighed, “I promise I won't even talk to the boys.” I said, which was technically a lie. I could always talk to the girls, he just didn't know that side of me.

“I don't want you to stop interacting with people of your age just because of me. I'm your—” He stopped, looking for the right word to say. Scott didn't consider us a conventional couple, because of the huge age gap. I didn't want to be tied down anyways. I loved him though, so there was that. 

“My boyfriend?” I suggested, ignoring the look on his face. “Scott...” I took a step closer, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. “I'll be back later, if it's too late, I'll make it up to you.” I smiled, giving him a light kiss. I grabbed my bag and headed to the door, not waiting to hear another word because once he started, he never stopped talking.


“Ladies.” I said to Annika and Ehuang. They were the only girls I knew in the crowded room. The others were most likely new pledges. Annaliese was nowhere to be found. “Have you seen Anna?” I asked them.

Both girls shook their heads, “She left a message with one of the other a capella leaders.” Annika said.

“Typical Annaliese.” I groaned. “Who's in charge now?”

“Apparently, we are.” Ehuang said, “Take a look.” She provided me a piece of paper. It was a monogrammed stationary with big bold 'AA' inscribed on it. If I didn't know it stand for 'Annaliese Adams', I would've thought it meant 'American Airlines'. But the trademark Hello Kitty stickers were unmistakeable: this was Annaliese's work.

'Dear Annika, Ehuang and Isla,

I won't be able to make it, again, to the second part of the auditions! I'm so sorry but work has gotten hectic. Who knew being a post-grad student was such a chore?! Anyways, you're the ones in charge until further notice.

Annika, you will have a considerable amount of Mezzos. Ehuang, you will work with Sopranos and Isla, you will manage the group of Contraltos. Please notice that not all of them belong in those vocal ranges, but that's the best we can do in such short notice. A lot of people who auditioned were Mezzos and Contraltos! 

And oh my God, the three boys that auditioned are pretty cute! Would you mind taking a closer look at them and letting me know how it goes? ;)


“That's pathetic.” I said out loud. “She still uses Hello Kitty stickers.” 

“They are here!” Annika squealed, grabbing my arm in delight. “We got a lot of pledges tonight!” 

“So, do we act mean and make them suffer or do we do this way different than Annaliese?” Ehuang asked curiously, her eyes glued on one of the boys. Anna was right, they were cute.

“I say let's have some fun tonight.” I smirked. “Welcome, everyone!” I said louder, “Please, come on in.”

“Welcome to the Tigresses and Tigers' second phase of auditions!” Annika said cheerily. “Tonight we will do pledges, to prove that you're devoted to this singing group.”

Someone coughed, “What is this, a cult?” Then snickers followed.

“If you're not serious about joining, please leave this room, right now.” Ehuang said, an edge to her voice. I locked eyes with the person; it was one of the boys, typical.

“What's your name?” I asked, making him startle. He slumped into his seat, probably ashamed to be seen here.

“Uh, Tyler?” He replied confused.

“Tyler, you're the Tenor, aren't you?” I asked. I wasn't that good with names, but I never forgot vocal ranges.

“Y-yeah.” He shrugged. 

“It'd be a shame to see you go.” I said, “So please, shut the f.ck up and let us finish.”

“Yes ma'am.” Tyler nodded, sitting straight for once.

“This is how it's going to work: you will be blindfolded and will have to walk in pairs, this is a trust lesson...”

“But we're in the second floor!” A girl complained. “What if the person drops us?”

“Then I guess it's because someone has a grudge against you.” Ehuang shrugged. “Isla forgot to mention that /both/ will be blindfolded.” Gasps. Everyone began muttering to each other.

“Alright guys, let's get started.” Annika said, “We'll keep an eye on you so that you don't fall.” She smiled. People were still uneasy about it. Tyler decided to go first, grabbing some girl's hand and muttering into her ear. They agreed and blindfolded each other.

“Whenever you say.” Tyler yelled. I walked towards them and stood next to the door.

“Follow my voice.” I said, walking down the stairs carefully. They did as told and in a few minutes they were downstairs safely. “Keep the blindfold.” I told them.

People eventually began to walk downstairs, slowly but at a steady pace. Fifteen minutes later, everyone was there with us.

“Keep the blindfolds covering your eyes.” Ehuang said.

We had planned something nice and hopefully they liked it too. “Remove the blindfolds.” Annika said once we gave her the thumbs up, our signal of approval. The expressions were priceless. A lot of people gasped and ran towards the paper lanterns, grabbing one each, staring at us like trained puppies.

“Today, we pledge our love for a capella.” I said. “We're here because we tried out for the Tigresses and Tigers and if you didn't know already, you're a part of us now.”

“So, on Annaliese's behalf and our behalf too, we would love to welcome you to the Tigresses and Tigers.” Annika grinned.

“Let's kick some as.s and get to the International A Capella Competition this semester!” Ehuang said and everyone cheered. “You may release the lanterns to the air!” They did it and soon, the sky was filled with lanterns. It wasn't just our a capella group; there were other groups. In fact, every single group from Princeton had gathered around the Alexander Hall.

“Let's get this party started!”


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