Bio: Yes, Sunshine is her last name! Sadie is a drama queen extraordinaire. Her antics are hilarious, and she can captivate a room not only with her humor, but also with her amazing voice. She wishes that she could be at the top of the charts, but rival band Spark! stands in her way. Sadie will employ any tactics that she can to crush Spark! like a bug. Because that's just how sunny she is. 

-Name: Sadie Sunshine 
-Age and School: 17, Williamsville North High School 2012
-Personality: Dramatic, obnoxious, caring, considerate, wild, pitiful (she makes people feel sorry for her), meddler (she likes to meddle into peoples' lives) and chaotic. 
-Likes: Singing, being on top, crushing Spark! the band, clothes, shoes in particular, modeling (she did it when she was younger), hand sanitizing (she is a clean freak) and getting massages and smelling like a clean shower, mascara and her iPhone and water. Water; Evian.
-Dislikes: Dirt. Opera, Spark!, Oprah Winfrey, herself at times, wedges, computers (she just doesn't understand) and backstabbers, taking responsibility for my actions.. The color brown. 
-Style of Dress: Classy, feminine, girly and a little street-style. 
-Talents: Singing, cracking jokes, gymnastic (also taken at a young age, she keeps it alive though), acting, debating and writing. She could write all day if you asked her to. 
-Model: Skye Stracke
-Top three characters: 
1.Sadie Sunshine
2.Eleni Materisse
3.Meredith Bell 

As I walked into school, I froze at the water fountain. How could I have possibly forgotten my Evian water? I banged my head on the concrete wall and cried of despair for a few minutes. I sat at the school steps, texting my acting manager and smacking on my strawberry gum. 
Life can be /so/ hard with Evian water.

A few minutes later, the stupid school nurse came over and smiled at me. "Are you, alright dear?"

"I was 10 times better before you came over here and blocked my sun. How do you think I'm ever going to get a tan with a shape as big as you blocking the sun?" 

The nurse's face darkened and she sat down on the steps with me. "Forgot your water again?"

"/I/ didn't forget anything. I packed it last night. I remember. Someone must've took it out. I swear to Prada its that stupid guy that follows me around everywhere. Don't you just hate it when paparazzi wants to steal your water? I mean, what are you they gonna do with it? Sell my saliva? I didn't even /drink/ from it yet. Ugh...I feel so dehydrated." I obnoxiously said, finishing with a long sigh. 

"Hmm, well. I don't think it was paparazzi. It could have just been a stalker." 

I shrieked, spitting out my gum. The wet gum landed on the nurse's face and I wanted to laugh, but I had made a goal this year to be kinder, so I blurted, "Oh my gosh...I'm sooo sorry! I'm just freaking out. A STALKER?! What does a stalker want from me!? Ugh, why can't I just have paparazzi?"

"Because, dear," The nurse began, "You're not a celebrity."


The nurse nodded, "That's true. Well, instead of sitting here hallucinating shouldn't you just walk on over to the store and get some water?"

I looked up at the nurse, because she was pretty tall. "What--" I started, "You must be kidding," I couldn't stop myself but I fell into hysterics. "You want me to WALK. Walk? In these shoes?" I looked down at my platform DKNYs, "Like /that's/ going to happen."

The nurse groaned and got up. "Well my break is over. I could get you a bottle of Evian water, Sadie."

"Really? Oh, that would be soo sweet. I'd--"

"Yeah," the nurse interjected, "Like /that's/ gonna happen." She winked and walked away with her soggy, wrinkly self.

I sat on the steps, staring at my reflection through my iPhone. I realized then, that I needed to stop overreacting and ask the school nurse for some extra shoes. Ones without heels, preferably.
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