[DISCLAIMER: Please remember that this is a competition so we have to eliminate and have a bottom. We LOVE all of your sets and thank you for working so hard on them. This week was especially hard. Especially since these designs were, in my view, the best overall in the competition.]

Good evening, ladies. 

Welcome to your seventh Project Runway elimination. Tonight, we're going to review our top two and bottom two contestants for the Disney Princesses challenge. 

We appreciate all of the hard work each of you put in. 

Georgia, unfortunately is gone again this week, so you’ll only be hearing from Emily and Larissa tonight. She did have a say of who was in the top and bottom though.


★Sarah (@sarahstardom) ★
Emily: I was a bit nervous when I saw you picked Pocahontas just because I wasn't sure how you would be able to pull off a dressy look. You surprised me! The golden yellow color you chose really set the look off. I loved your take on the Native American style with the detailed beading with turquoise. You were also one of the only one's who went full on for the casual look. That's exactly the type of everyday outfit I would expect a princess like Pocahontas to wear. 
Larissa: Again, you're on the top. I love this change. You certainly took a risk choosing Pocahontas considering her lack of formal attire and I could easily see the design becoming too stereotypical Native American. All of your designs followed the challenge guidelines perfectly. I liked how you truly made the casual look casual.You also modernized it wonderfully. I like how you took inspiration from Pocahontas but made the designs truly your own. Fantastic job! 

★Elaine (@elaine-elizabethxo)★
Emily: Elaine, you're designs keep on getting better and better. You captured the true essence of the Disney princess in both your dressy and casual looks. The chiffon, sequins, sparkle, pastels....everything was SO girly and captured the Rapunzel look perfectly. I love how you added the different flowers to the braid too. It was the perfect touch. 
Larissa: You're in the top again! I have seen constant improval from you throughout this competition which is really great. I really was floored by your 4 designs this weekend. I can clearly see how much thought and effort went into your designs. Each design was unique and incraitley done yet still connected to each other. I could totally see your designs in a collection, together. Your looks were so girly and so clearly Rapunzel and Disney. Wonderful job!

There can only be one winner for the week though, so please give your congratulations to…. Sarah!

Amazing job this week Sarah!

Unfortunately, with this competition we also have to have bottom spots. You all did a fabulous job, so it was extremely difficult to choose who to be in the bottom. Since this is a competition, people have to go.
We chose a bottom two and out of those two, two will be eliminated.

► Jacklyn (@the-glamourai)
N/A no set submitted

► Anahelena (@anahelenaliveshere)
[Anahelena] Emily: I have to say that I loved loved loved your casual look. It fit the character perfectly and you did exactly what we asked of you. It's actually something I would love to wear. Your dressed up looks weren't my favorites. They were a bit more costume like than I would have preferred and I wasn't a fan of the pattern. 
Larissa: I agree with Emily, the casual look was perfect. It was exactly what the challenge required and what we were looking for. The more dressy looks didn't really mesh with myself however. They just seemed costume like and I just couldn't get on board with them. They seemed almost too much inspired by Belle and less of your own style. They weren't my favorite.

[ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS] Jacklyn and Anahelena. Best of luck in the future with your designs, ladies.

For the rest of you, congratulations on surviving through your seventh week. This week was extremely tough and the difficulty level will just keep rising as weeks go on. 

Stay tuned for the next challenge.
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