Top set for Oct 6th, 2012
hello everyone :) 
yesterday my marching band went to the first competition of the season. And we are 1st place grand champions baby!!!!! It totally made up for last year when we got 4th place. in a BOA competition. We are not even a BOA band. We are a show band. Don't even know why we were in that competition.

I am so excited. We worked our little fanny's off since July and its nice to see all the work pay off. When we did the last move of our show, stopped and did our horn pop, I saw the reaction to the show. The whole entire stadium gave us a standing ovation. They cheered so hard. The judges looked amazed. At that moment, somehow I knew we just won.

The only thing that we came in 2nd for was our drum line. they were a little disappointed, but i know they will get em next time. I love that drum line!!
and on the way there (on my band bus) (we actually have 12 buses) (did I mention we have about 450 members in our band) the band mom had an amp thing for ipods and we all danced to gangham style on the back of the bus. I usually hate music like this, but i had the best time ever. 

my grandma and mom came. yayy! I road back with them and i got sleep.
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