"this woman's world, oh it's hard on the man. now his part is over, now starts the craft of the father."

x ava elouise darling x

+ vanilla scented candles always make ava feel at home, even when she's not at home and she really just adores them for the most part. the sickeningly sweet scent is intoxicating to her senses and she can't help but love it. +

+ getting good grades is kind of her forte, and she sees it as one of the only things she is good at. it's easy for her to pass classes, and she likes being one of the smartest people in her classes all the time. it gives her a sense of purpose. +

+ dancing. she's not that great at it in her own mind, but she's been doing it for quite some time and she's on senior company so that has to count for something right? she has the technique but there are always better people, she just has to learn to be proud of herself and her accomplishments. +

+ her family means the absolute world to her, and family moments are the best in her eyes. whether they are just playing apples to apples or monopoly, or they are going on a cruise it is those moments that she cherishes. she and her sister are getting more and more distant as her sister grows more popular, but her sister is still her best friend whether anyone likes it or not. +

+ the winter, rather than the summer. you can always put on more clothes, but there's only so much you can take off before you're naked and even then you'll still be hot. that and she likes the snow, and wearing riding boots and sweaters and curling her hair and being warm and cozy. the christmas movies are a plus as well. +

- heavy metal music always gives her a headache unfortunately, and though she doesn't mind people who like that sort of music she still doesn't like it and she would never listen to it on purpose. -

- people who spend their lives searching for people to love them, when all they need is someone to make them happy at the moment. people who rely on relationships and their significant others really irritate her, since you should be in charge of your own life. -

- horror films always have her on edge and she hates anything that gets her heart rate higher than average, plus the anxiety she gets just adds up to a disaster. she would never watch a horror film again if she had a choice. - 

- animals, bugs, and the outdoors. it's a little girlish but she gets the heeby jeebies when she sees any kind of bug and she hates anything that doesn't walk on two legs. she doesn't mind domesticated animals like cats or small dogs but large dogs and anything else.. just a no go. -

- anything she has to do in the outdoors. she isn't an outdoorsy person and would much rather spend her time updating her tumblr and watching netflix and eating icecream than camping. -

x she's a pretty easy to please girl, in all honesty. she's learned to bask in the beauty of the little things in life, and to stop and smell the roses. like the hannah montana episode when miley realized what happened because of a single moment, ava also remembers these things can impact her future. she's never been one to take anything for granted, and she's been known to keep sentimental things: like the photo of her mother on her nightstand, the necklace she wears being from her aunt, who passed away and things along those lines. x

x accident-prone. she's always getting herself into trouble, and she never means to. she's klutzy and has bruises all over herself because of her little stumbles in her adventures. she isn't abused, but going outside and treking through a forest is bound to leave a few battle scars on a girl like her, especially since she isn't very good with footwork and things along those lines. she likes the outdoors, though: and doing new things. so it is unfortunate that she can't tell her right foot from her left because she stumbles over them both equally as often. x

x self efficient. she doesn't like other people's help and she's usually very stubborn because she likes doing things her own way, and not other people's. she's not a people person like her sister, and she'd much rather do a project on her own than work with someone else. x

x she's a helpless romantic and she falls for any sappy love story: the notebook, dear john, even twilight. she just wants someone to love her as much as those people love each other and it's never really happened that way, but she still likes dreaming of such a love. it gives her hope for the future. x

x people who beg for sympathy when their lives aren't hard really bother ava and she can't help it. if your only problem is not having a date or a boyfriend and that's why you cut yourself you really need to reevaluate. if the reason you're crying is because people called you easy for making out with everyone, you need to reevaluate. x

"i joined facebook because my sister was on it, and i thought it was a good idea. obviously it wasn't as good an idea as i thought it was, but it keeps me up to date on what's going on with the people at school other than what goes on in the classroom and that's really the only connection i have with any of them."

"my biggest secrets and regrets? well, i definitely regret the one time i cut myself but then again it was only once and i haven't done it again since then. but as for secrets, i don't have many. i mean my cancer is one for sure, but i'm in remission so it isn't a huge deal. i'm okay, it's okay, everything is okay and it's not really all that important but that's my 'secret'."

"the person that means the most to me has to be my sister. we don't get along all the time, sure, but she is my best friend and the one person i tell everything to. she is the most important person in my life and she's the reason i continue on the way i do. i just want to make her proud of me, which sounds silly but it's true. she's older by two minutes and i have a birthmark she doesn't on my back but other than that we're identical in looks, but she's much more popular than i am and i just.. i don't want her to be ashamed of who her sister is, you know?"


n i a l l will be finished a little later and selena will be added to, i just wanted to publish this c: ♥
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