The Preeminents #3: The Key

Psyche is the heroine of the final Preeminent book. She isn't a Preeminent, but she has an IQ higher than many of their top scholars. When a teenage Preeminent anthropologist discovers her genius during his studies of a normal, human high school, her life is knocked off it's axis and begins spinning in a completely new direction. She just may be the key to the Rebel's fight against the council. TIPA announces that if she, a normal human girl, can complete a set of the hardest trials, they will share all their secrets not just with Preeminents, but with the work.
Her style is flirty, girly and vintage inspired. She loves pastel colors, fun patterns, animal designs and messy braids.
Above any government, one organization exists to keep order. Run by a race of advanced humans, called the Preeminents, this assembly controls all global powers. Of course, their most important job does not directly involve normal humans. The alliance’s greatest purpose is to create and enforce the laws that govern all Preeminents, because if the power of the superiors was revealed to other humans by just one, the results could alter the fate of the entire world.

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