Harry: It was a rainy morning, when you had opened the eyes and see Harry’s strong arms around your waist. You could see his slow breathing, he just looked like an angel. You get out of bed slowly so you couldn’t wake him up . You go downstairs to prepare some coffee and breakfast for both of you. When suddenly you felt some warm arms around your waist again, and a hot breath in your neck. “Good Morning beautiful.” he said in his husky voice. 

Liam: Wake up on Liam’s chest was the best thing in life. You could heard his heart beating slowly. You raised your eyes to see his face, who was sleeping peacefully. You smiled to you, just to think that you were Liam’s girlfriend, his girlfriend. You started to leave little kisses in his face and he suddenly smile without even opening his eyes. “Morning love.” he said now looking at you. “Good morning babe!” you replied to him, leaving your face again in his chest while both were talking about going to the beach that day.

Louis: When you wake up, you didn’t saw Louis next to you. You instantly felt bad because he wasn’t the first thing you saw in the morning. But when you where about to take your phone to see what hour it was you saw a little note. The note said: ” Morning sweetie! I went for some eggs and milk to prepare our breakfast, wait for me in bed, I’ll be there on 5 minutes, LOVE YOU! Att: Tommo.” You smiled like a silly when you read the note, and you did what the letters said. You waited in bed, and he suddenly arrived with a breakfast tray. ” Good morning!” he said while giving you a peck. 

Niall: Niall was the first one to wake up. Last night, both of you fell asleep watching movies. “It’s time to get up in the morning.” Niall started to sang in your ear. “5 more minutes” you said with a sleepy voice. “(Y/N) I have been waiting like 10 minutes, c’mon, wake up!” he said laughing. “In 5 more minutes Niall.” you replied to him. “I will get McDonald’s breakfast for you.” he keep singing in your ear. “Okay fine, I woke up!” you said quickly you heard breakfast. You both get dressed and went to McDonald’s to ate some breakfast together. 

Zayn: You always get up first than Zayn. So you took a shower and prepare some breakfast. ” Zayn..wake up” you said slowly. “mmm 5 more minutes mom.” You giggled, “Zayn..it’s time, c’mon” you said again to him. “no mom!” he grumbled. ‘ZAAYN WAKEE UP!” you started to jump on the bed. “(Y/N) i’m tired..” he said covering his face with a pillow. ” It’s 10 in the morning Zayn c’mon!” you said again jumping. “mmm..” he grumbled again. “I did your favorite breakfast..and is not to brag but i did it delicious..” i said teasing him. “Okay okay, just because I’m hungry.” he said pulling you in his arms. You chuckled, “Good morning!” “Morning babe.” he said kissing you.


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