I dug my spoon into the ice cream and scooped it slowly. I glanced at the clock on the wall. 2:50pm and looked back at James who was half asleep. 
“my mom would kill you if she found out you were eating in bed.” He mumbled and finally opened his eyes. The sun’s ray’s hit his tan, smooth skin. 
“theres nothing like good ice cream in the middle of the afternoon.” 
He chuckled and came closer to me, putting his arm around my legs. 
“you know what?” I asked, licking the spoon. 
“What?” he chuckled cause he knew I was going to say something silly from my foolish smile I couldn’t hide.
“I think you have a crush on me.” 
“Just a bit.” He replied, grinning letting the wrinkles around his eyes show. 
“liar.” He watched as I put the ice cream in my mouth. 
“I’m not lying. Gimme some ice cream.” 
“uh uh.” I shook my head and jerked my body away quickly as he tried to grab the spoon. 
“nooo!” I squirmed, trying not to get the ice cream all over me or the bed sheets. He seemed careless and determined to get the ice cream. 
 “What are the plans for tonight?” James sat with the look of success in his eyes as he exaggerated and bragged about getting the ice cream. “Want some?” he held the spoon full of coffee flavored ice cream to my face. 
“Teen Vogue Premiere Party. I got a cute dress.” 
“yellow?” he asked. 
I nodded. 
“premiere of what?” James scrunched his forehead. 
“The September issue of the magazine, babe. don’t worry about all of that. there’s free food.” 
“Nice. Is Anthony going? I wanna see him.” 
“I think so. 
“And Hannah?”
“Of course. It’s Teen Vogue.” I replied. 
“my parents wanna see you. my mom wants to have us for dinner.” He smiled at the thought. 
“That sounds nice. When?” 
“Friday? Is that good? Do you have work?” 
“it's perfect. I get off at 4.” I replied. 
“my dad said he’s missed you.” James smiled and closed the lid on the ice cream and put it on the nightstand. "and my brother wants to meet you. his girlfriend will be there too." 
"aww. that sounds like so much fun. do i bring a gift? ive never done this before." i shrugged. 
"bring a smile." he replied. 
"Dont be cheesy, im serious." 
He laughed out loud and rolled over and kissed my forehead. 
"that was funny. my mom loves lillies." 
"I'll bring her some!" i said. 
"As if she doesn't have enough in the house. we can pass them out to each child in the world and still have a few leftover." 
"Dont exaggerate. theyre beautiful flowers." i smiled. 
"you'll see when we get there."
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