Hello, all fashion lovers!

Thje new contest has finally come, and this one it's a little more different from others.So now you have to da a set whitch is preppy. This is a kind of fashion like haute couture. Preppy can refer to a conservative, timeless style of dress and the simple choices of classic jewelry that evoke an air of confidence in one's natural beauty.
Here is a basic list of the traits that preps have.

They wear:
*basic polo shirts
*any color, though they are often found wearing bright colors, as well as the classic lights
*Slacks, usually khakis
*Ribbons and bows in hair often
*Ribbon belts
*Brands like: Henry Cotton, Lacoste, Burberry, Vineyard Vines, Polo, Black Dog shirts...

They do/are not:
*Try new trends
*Wear short-shorts and short-skirts
*Shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, or most other trendy clothing stores

Created by lanica. Created in Good, Better, The best!. 38 sets from 16 members. Ended 6 years ago.

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