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Preppy, Ivy League, Argyle Sweaters, Ruffles, Dresses, Shoes, Prep, Jeweled Flats, flats, pumps, sophisticated, clean cut, cardigans, pea coats, trench coats double breasted pea coat.
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Wrote one year ago
Adorable collection, thanks for sharing!!! :)

Wrote two years ago
@annabelle-lewis i wish i could dress like Blair / Jenny GAHHH
to be quite honest though i dont even watch gossip girl just heard about it and then i saw Jenny's and Blar's clothes and i was like :D *le save to items* ehehe xD
I love her hair when she dyed it lighter though (:
if she was less demonic looking i'd like her more xD

Wrote two years ago
Yeaah, I completely agree. :/
I hate season 3/4 Jenny. D:
I want to like her but I can't 'coz she's soo uggh.
I loved her at the beginning. :3

Wrote two years ago
@annabelle-lewis i prefer Blair's but early Jenny's is better then both of them but definitely Blair's between the two

Wrote two years ago
Just a random question here, in Gossip Girl, do you prefer Serena's style or Blair's style? I've been asking everyone that.. x']


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