-& Preppy Couture; ♥

-& Preppy Couture; ♥
Moderated by brittneyandrea.
Welcome To Preppy Couture,
This group is for e v e r y o n e:)
Submit those pretty sets and participate in contests
Most of all be yourself and enjoy this group
-Britt ♥

Best Set Of The Week
Once a week, I'll create a contest, "Best Set Of The Week"
These contests will only last 3 days instead of week, like our regular contests
You'll enter 3 SETS ONLY that fit the theme that I choose
for example "Enter 3 messy mosaic sets, or enter 3 layered sets"
These sets DONT have to be new
There's only one winner, and that winner has the best set of the week:)
Prize: 10 faves, and I will make a showcase of all the "best of the week" winners once we get alot, you pick the set you want me to put into my showcase
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