I was tagged by @morgan6 :)
Here goes!

1. What's your definition of preppy?
Monograms, pearls, bows, wristlets, perfume, Southern Shirt Co., Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rodgers, J. Crew, Sperry, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Longchamp, Southern Tide, and Tory Burch

2. What's your all time favorite brand?
Tory Burch or Patagonia

3. What/s your favorite Lilly print?
"Let's Cha Cha" and "First Impression"

4. Who are your favorite Polyvore users?
@tex-prep @thegingerprep @classically-preppy @preppylovin 

5. J. Crew or Sperry?

6. Opinion on oxfords? 
Not sure if they mean the shirt or shoes, but i LOVE them both!

7. Duck boots, riding boots, or Hunters?
Riding boots, because they match just about everything!

8. Navy or black?

9. On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love J. Crew?
Probably an 8

10.Favorite Ralph Lauren item?
I love their crew neck sweat tops! I actually have the one in my set!

11. Pearls or bows?
Pearls, definiteley! 

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