I hope I spelt Hogsmeade right...
This is after the quidditch match. As in a week or two. Just to let you know nothing happened between them. Other than stealing looks at each other every few minutes. You can bet that if you asked, neither of them could tell you who won.

Setting the scene: It's a normal weekend and both Presley and Samuel have decided that they want to go into Hogsmeade. Neither is aware of the other's decision. Both of them were walking with their heads down just thinking to themselves when, BANG! Presley bounces off of Samuel's chest. Both are startled and are quick to apologize before they realize who the other is. Blushing all around.
Samuel has been waiting for a chance to talk with Presley. Here there are no distractions. 
Presley had always hoped that the two of them might find themselves together, alone. Finally it's happened. All they have to do is seize the moment.
Samuel jumps into action, although it is a little shaky. Before either of them loses courage and finds an excuse to walk away, Samuel speaks. "Did you have lunch yet?" Presley is surprized, but happy that he wants to talk to her about something other than school. They've never had a regular conversation before. As calmly as she can muster Presley replies. "No, I have not." 
Samuel could jump for joy, but he doesn't. "Perfect. I know just the place." Samuel has surprized himself. He has no idea where that came from, normally he's extremely shy. While he's still feeling bold he extends his arm to Presley. With a slight tinge of pink in her cheeks she links her arm with his and he leads the two of them down the path.
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