(I'm very aware of my inactivity, I'm so sorry loves. I have lots of finals and state tests to be studying for right now. I promise to try to make sets. I'm going to do my best :) I love you all.)

Friday: It's Yasmin's birthday! She's holding the craziest, and wild party she can possibly manage. It will start at 10 o'clock, and end at whatever time everyone is passed out. It's going to be held at one of the most expensive night-clubs in Connecticut. The attendents will be all the students at Easton, and all Yas' model friends ;) Bring presents, or Yasmin won't be happy

Who would like to be included? (First 8) I also need drama, Noora's life is /booooring/. It's not exciting writing about how perfect Noora and Teddy are because it's honestly boring in my opinion, so if you want drama, come to me so we can brainstorm :)

xx, Noora.
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