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I know I'm waiting for Eve's approval from Mir, but Mir, I decided to just write a story for Cassidy to get a feel for the character and see if I can find some inspiration.


Ever felt so perfect there were cracks in your complexion that were utterly unfixable? Ever felt so helpless, all you wanted to do was slowly kill yourself? Slowly kill yourself to a state where you constantly feel in pain, and just want to lay down and wait for the moment your soul leaves your body.

Only clammy, cold hands to guide you. Hands that touch you in places you at no time want to think about. That's how I spent my years. My years before I was sent to the Villa. 

So I starved myself. Sending my weight down the scale, and my confidence along with that. I had no friends. Only false images of places that made me feel safe. 

I was slowly killing myself. 

At only eight years old.


"Oh Cassidy, dearrrr!" My mother trilled from the kitchen. Meanwhile, I stood on the scale, counting the amount of pounds I lost that day.

Two, and counting. 

I got off the scale, and bounced out the door, suddenly feeling very tired. Stopping, I leaned my body against the doorframe, catching my breath. I stood up again, and walked down the stairs slowly, entering the kitchen which smelled like bread and strawberry jam.

"Hi mom" I smiled, sitting on one of the chairs.

"Morning hunny. Here's your breakfast" she handed me a slice of toast bathed in butter and jam. When she turned her back around, I ripped off a piece and threw it to Coco, my dog who was sitting on the wooden floor beside me. I kept doing this until the only thing that remained on my plate were hard crumbs. 

"Done!" I hopped off the chair, and headed up to the bathroom again. The bathroom is my safe room. Where there were no wandering eyes to judge me, and he couldn't find me. 

I took off my shirt, and traced my ribs with my fingernail. 

Suddenly, the door slammed open with a bang and I tried to cover myself with my hands. There he stood. My cousin.

"Your mommy left to the store, so I'm here to watch you." I shook with fear, and tried to scream.

"Are you ready to play?" He whispered with a smirk, and came toward me with his hands wide open.

Just kill me now.

- Cassidy.
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