I scrambled around the room, trying to get everything I needed into my bag. I was running late because my "date", also known as my younger brother, decided he just needed to buy a better pink shirt. So because she decided to take a quick shopping trip, I have to rush around like a mouse running away from a broom.
"Gabe, I'm ready. Are you?"
"Yep," he said, popping the "p".
"Well lets go, the party's at Diana's"
"Ooh. Who's Diana?" I rolled my eyes and just continued to walk. "You'll find out, now c'mon!" I tugged on his shirt and he smiled and we linked arms.
I was glad I was so close to my dear brother

Helllo! Sorry it's not the best, but my ride to school will be here in....5min and I haven't even started my makeup or gotten everything together...bye!
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