Alaina Steele - {22} - Seattle, Washington
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-What is your history? Tell us about your past.

Truthfully? I'm not that interesting. At least, I don't think I am. I don't have an accent unless I fake one, which I have had to do, for several shows--I'm always the b*tchy French one! I went to a normal high school where all the popular girls were cheerleaders and all my friends were, well, not. I took a lot of the "smart" classes, but I never really enjoyed it. I don't really enjoy English or Math, but I'm a really hands-on learner, so art classes and music is good for me. I've played cello for a while now, but it was never going to take me anywhere, so I decided to go into jewelry design, because that's something else I love. As for "history," I don't really have one. I grew up in the Seattle area, my parents aren't divorced, and my family gets along pretty well, although, if pressed, they would all admit that I'm the different one in the family: I'm the, er, black sheep, though I hate to use that phrase.

-Any love story?

In the past, no. I managed to stay single for the vast majority of my high school career--I had my first boyfriend in the my sophomore year (we lasted less than a month) and a second in my junior year (which lasted a few days longer than a month). I'm not really good at relationships, which is surprisingly, considering that I'm the most ridiculously affectionate person sometimes; I give people nicknames--like "Babycakes" and "Honeybun" and "Babybear"--and randomly hug people. Right now, however, I've been dating a really amazing man named James almost a year and a half now. He's wonderful and he really gets me.

-Why are you in Paris? Are you working, or are you studying? Where and what, all that silly stuff.

I'm in Paris because, well, I wanted to live somewhere that life was happening. I hated living in Washington because I felt like nothing was happening and I was completely isolated and I was just watching events happen on the timeline of my MSNBC newsfeed or the Yahoo homepage, and I couldn't stand that. I wanted to be near culture, near people, near some kind of history.

Right now, I'm working mostly in my own studio, buying and paying for rent with the money I make selling one-of-a-kind pieces to boutiques in the city.

-Your likes and dislikes.

I love: bright colors, neutral colors, comfortable clothing, the beach, lingerie, high heels, paradoxes, classic literature, TV (I'm a crime drama junkie!), dark chocolate, cheesecake, coffee, classic rock, thrift stores, statement necklaces, friendly animals, superhero movies, swimming, music, theater, musical theater, singing show tunes really loudly, dancing really badly, and working with my hands.

I hate: arrogance, rude people, loud dogs, TV dinners, rap music, soap operas, panic attacks, clothing I have to iron after every use, overtly sexy clothing (but really sexy lingerie is amazing), when I misplace things, and a messy apartment.

-Do you have a room-mate arrangement?

Only when James stays the nights. Other than that, no. I've considered getting a dog, but I like living on my own. I'm a bit of a homebody; I'm most comfortable when I'm alone and have my thoughts to myself. Plus, I tend to break out in song and dance when I'm feeling particularly inspired (or not) and some people tend to find that weird. I've not the faintest idea why.


-This is a one-set-a-week role-play; are you able to cope up?

Of course. Knowing me, I'll be so into this (I mean, hello! It's me, in character form) that I'll make MORE than one set a week.

-Will you be committed? 

Obviously. You know me Nadia.
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