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@donnamae-harkness @emavera Thank you mesdames!!

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Brilliant work, dear!

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The Lolita Rufflebutts Challenge!!!

The Lolita Rufflebutts Challenge!!!

A challenge group for those who love the Japanese fashion named Lolita. Fashion, doll, & art sets welcome. I'll give you a brand name with either the name of a skirt, OP, or JSK. You must create a lolita outfit out of that item.
I do have a whole bunch of collections on my profile with the items from the list below (plus a whole bunch of accessories!!) if it helps so go check them out. I have the links to the collections on the bottom of the group info. You can also find items, like blouses, to complete your outfits over at lolibrary.org...
Here are the links to completed collections from our members who finished either part 1 or 2 (or both!):
By Sakuuya: http://www.polyvore.com/lolita_rufflebutts_challenge_part/collection?id=2695314
{{Part 01}} 01-100
01 Angelic Pretty: Sugar Pansy Doll JSK
02 Moi-même-Moitié: Silent Moon Print Long OP
03 Alice & the Pirates: Operetta Bouquet JSK
04 Mary Magdalene: Berry Shower Sun Dress
05 Juliette & Justine: Féerie JSK
06 Juliette & Justine: Rose Féerique JSK
07 Angelic Pretty: Milky Planet Skirt
08 Juliette & Justine: Amour D'amants Robe
09 Moi-même-Moitié: Stained Glass Print JSK
10 Metamorphose: Vintage Record OP
11 Alice & the Pirates: Hymn Print Skirt
12 Emily Temple Cute: Letters JSK
13 Emily Temple Cute: Pippi JSK
14 Innocent World: Strawberry Rose Garden Skirt
15 Moi-même-Moitié: Scallop Lace OP
16 Metamorphose: Apple JSK with Collar
17 Mary Magdalene: Richelie JSK
18 BtssB: Queen Of Snow JSK
19 Metamorphose: Toy Box Tiered Skirt
20 Juliette & Justine: Parfait Et Un Manège JSK
21 BtssB: Alice & The Looking Glass OP
22 Victorian Maiden: Cotton Frill Doll Dress
23 H.Naoto: FRILL Melting Macaron JSK
24 Mary Magdalene: Annette Rose JSK
25 H.Naoto: Note Print
26 Alice & the Pirates: St. Mephisto Cathédrale OP
27 Victorian Maiden: Classical Bouquet Doll JSK
28 Victorian Maiden: Rose Flocky JSK
29 Juliette & Justine: Fleur Et Moi JSK
30 Victorian Maiden: Rose Greeting Lace JSK
31 Angelic Pretty: Milky-Chan Of The Fawn OP
32 H.Naoto: FRILL Fluffy Ribbon JSK
33 Mary Magdalene: Felicia Rose JSK
34 Mary Magdalene: Perfume Bottle Skirt
35 Metamorphose: Vintage Cherry JSK
36 BtssB: Snow White JSK
37 Juliette & Justine: Empreinte De La Genese JSK
38 Innocent World: Rose Chiffon Skirt
39 Juliette & Justine: Robe De Permanence Beauté JSK
40 Alice & the Pirates: Dance Of The Black Cats Skirt
41 BtssB: Alice's Secret Key Brilliant JSK
42 Metamorphose: Romantica Train OP
43 Mary Magdalene: Adella Rose OP
44 Alice & the Pirates: Vampire Requiem Short/Corset JSK
45 Metamorphose: Fancy Egg Pinafore JSK
46 Emily Temple Cute: Chaussons JSK
47 Juliette & Justine: St. Cecilia JSK
48 Moi-même-Moitié: Net & Print OP
49 Emily Temple Cute: Sweets Print
50 Emily Temple Cute: Mermaid OP
51 Moi-même-Moitié: Cathedral Ruins Skirt
52 Victorian Maiden: Rococo Therese OP
53 Juliette & Justine: Le Parfait Du Lapin JSK
54 Angelic Pretty: Dream Sky JSK
55 Angelic Pretty: Honey Cake Yoke JSK
56 Innocent World: Ribbon Bustle JSK
57 Alice & the Pirates: Queen's Coach JSK
58 Emily Temple Cute: Dollhouse OP
59 Angelic Pretty: Sweets Princess
60 Juliette & Justine: Victorian Famille JSK
61 Metamorphose: Kimono JSK
62 BtssB: Alice's Mirage In PARADOX White Queen JSK
63 Innocent World: Royal Library Corset JSK
64 Metamorphose: Twinkle Journey Bustle JSK
65 Emily Temple Cute: Lace & Rabbit JSK
66 Mary Magdalene: Claudette OP
67 Mary Magdalene: Rose Garden JSK
68 BtssB: Cinderella Jewelry Print JSK
69 Juliette & Justine: La Danse De La Dame Skirt
70 Innocent World: Frigg Dress
71 Innocent World: Dollhouse OP
73 Metamorphose: Swan Lake Skirt
74 Moi-même-Moitié: Lace Design Skirt
75 Alice & the Pirates: Scent of Rapunzel Skirt
76 Mary Magdalene: Antoinette Dress
77 Victorian Maiden: Rose Bouquet Doll OP
78 Innocent World: Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit And Squirrel Lace OP
79 Angelic Pretty: Moon Night Theater JSK
80 Juliette & Justine: Le Monde De L'ange JSK
81 BtssB: Alice's Portrait Skirt
82 BtssB: The End Of Immortal Eden OP
83 Metamorphose: Blooming Garden Skirt
84 Moi-même-Moitié: Iron Gate OP
85 Angelic Pretty: Dreamland Skirt
86 Angelic Pretty: Melty Chocolate OP
87 Innocent World: Lotta JSK
88 Alice & the Pirates: Stained Angel JSK
89 Alice & the Pirates: A Midsummer Night's Dream
90 Moi-même-Moitié: Sleeping Garden Long OP
91 Emily Temple Cute: Chocolatier Print Skirt
92 H.Naoto: FRILL Stripe Bustle Skirt
93 Metamorphose: Perfume Bottle Shirring JSK
94 Innocent World: Rococo Rose Border JSK
95 Mary Magdalene: Valeria JSK
96 Beth: Crown Tartan Ribbon JSK
97 Innocent World: Violin JSK
98 Beth: Dobby Cherry Skirt
99 Victorian Maiden: Rose Garden Doll OP
100 Angelic Pretty: Fantastic Dolly Skirt
{{Part 02}} 101-200 (Optional!! You don't have to do part 2 if you don't want to)
101 Alice & the Pirates: Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island Skirt
102 Alice and the Pirates: Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Skirt
103 Alice and the Pirates: Galactic Journey to the Stars Skirt
104 Alice and the Pirates: Masquerade Theatre Skirt
105 Alice and the Pirates: Twilight Circus Skirt
106 Angelic Pretty: Schoolmate OP
107 Innocent World: Marie Rose OP
108 Angelic Pretty: Pastel a la mode OP
109 Emily & Shirley Temple Cute: Cottage OP
110 Metamorphose: Pleats OP
111 Mary Magdalene: Nod Coat OP
112 Angelic Pretty: Country of Sweets OP
113 Metamorphose: Swan Lace Mini Skirt
114 Mary Magdalene: Fraise Sleeve OP
115 Juliette et Justine: Fruit et un papillon OP
116 Angelic Pretty: Retro Dot Lady OP
117 Angelic Pretty: Lacy Lady OP
118 Angelic Pretty: Polka Dot Chocolate OP
119 Juliette et Justine: Murmure de l'Ange OP
120 BttsB: Dessert OP
121 Angelic Pretty: Modern Classic OP
122 Juliette et Justine: Star Money OP
123 Innocent World: Fairy Tale OP
124 Alice and the Pirates: Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~Therese OP
125 Alice and the Pirates: Misty Night Royal Game OP
126 Haenuli: Royal Kitten OP
127 Moi-même-Moitié: Archangel Print OP
128 Victorian Maiden: Scalloped Doll JSK
129 Victorian Maiden: Lace Chiffon Doll OP
130 Victorian Maiden: Elegant Lacy Halterneck OP
131 Victorian Maiden: Classical Marine Puff-Sleeve OP
132 Victorian Maiden: Rose Check Doll Dress
133 Victorian Maiden: Stripe Lace Ribbon Dress
134 Victorian Maiden: Regimental Stripe Tuck Dress
135 Seraphim Victorian OP
136 Vivcore: Petit Trianon
137 Alice and the Pirates: Sleeping Beauty Skirt
138 Victorian Maiden: Plenty Ribbon Skirt
139 Angelic Pretty: Sheep Garden Skirt
140 BtssB: My Little Red Riding Hood Gingham Skirt
141 BtssB: Cherry Bouquet Print Skirt
142 Angelic Pretty: Whimsical Vanilla-chan skirt
143 Angelic Pretty: Misty Sky Skirt
144 Angelic Pretty: Dreaming Macaron Skirt
145 BtssB: The Secret Garden ~The Rose has a Secret Scent~ Skirt
146 BtssB: Clockwork Tea Party Skirt
147 BtssB: Alice Bruges Skirt
148 Angelic Pretty: Rose Toilette Skirt
149 Angelic Pretty: French Dot Skirt
150 BtssB: Disney Alice in Wonderland ~Episode of the Tea Party~
151 Metamorphose: Berry Stripe Skirt with Belt
152 Metamorphose: CL / Fancy Bunny Skirt
153 BtssB: Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolatte Skirt
154 BtssB: Aristo Kitty's Invitation Skirt
155 BtssB: [Cute Meowing Friend] Alice and Her Black Cat Print Skirt
156 BtssB: Chained Berry Memoir Mary Skirt
157 BtssB: Alice and the Looking Glass of Time Print Skirt
158 Metamorphose: Perfume Bottle Mini Skirt
159 BtssB: Circus Tutu Print Skirt
160 BtssB: L'Oiseau Bleu Print Skirt
161 Metamorphose: Songbird Bouquet Skirt
162 Metamorphose: Fairy Playing Cards Skirt
163 Metamorphose: Vintage Poodle Circular Skirt
164 Victorian Maiden: Royal Chiffon Petal OP
165 Mary Magdalene: Myrtine OP
166 Angelic Pretty: Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Switching JSK
167 BtssB: Victorian Cards JSK I
168 Alice and the Pirates: Porz Kerchief JSK
169 BtssB: Quintet of Fairies~Dreaming night~ Cantabile JSK
170 Angelic Pretty: Day Dream Carnival Salopette
171 BtssB: Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK
172 BtssB: Roman Sweet Secret Anne JSK
173 BtssB: Love Ring Love Ribbon JSK
174 BtssB: Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories Print JSK I
175 BtssB: Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait Shirring JSK
176 BtssB: British Regimental Pleated Skirt
177 BtssB: Unico in Bloomland Scallop JSK
178 BtssB: Merry Sweet Castle JSK
179 Metamorphose: Room Print JSK
180 Victorian Maiden: British Marine Ribbon JSK
181 Victorian Maiden: Chopiniana Organdy Dress
182 Victorian Maiden: Flamant Frill Dress
183 Angelic Pretty: Sweet Cream House Salopette
184 Angelic Pretty: Jewel Ribbon Tiered JSK
185 Angelic Pretty: Chocolate Rosette JSK
186 Emily Temple Cute: Bambi Print Sleeveless OP
187 Emily Temple Cute: Bambi Forest Print Sleeveless OP
188 Haenuli: Stained Glass of Saint Giles
189 Innocent World: Violets inside Mansions High Waist JSK
190 Innocent World: Ribbon Tape JSK
191 Innocent World: Appartement JSK
192 Innocent World: Merry-go-round JSK
193 Innocent World: Patisseries de Paris Just Waist JSK
194 Innocent World: Museum Bear JSK
195 Innocent World: Melissa JSK
196 Innocent World: Rose Stained Glass JSK
197 Angelic Pretty: Napoleon Short Coat
198 Angelic Pretty: Lovely Girl Rider's Jacket
199 Innocent World: Lotta Cape
200 Mary Magdalene: Francette Coat
Here are links to my collections with all the items listed plus some extra items you may or may not need:
Outerwear (www.polyvore.com/lolita_outerwear_edited/collection?id=2602556)
Blouses (www.polyvore.com/lolita_blouses_edited/collection?id=2602542)
Cutsews (www.polyvore.com/lolita_cutsews_edited/collection?id=2799563)
Skirts #1 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_skirts_edited/collection?id=2636391)
Skirts #2 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_skirts_edited/collection?id=2500618)
Skirts #3 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_skirts_edited/collection?id=2803587)
JSKs #1 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_jsks_edited/collection?id=2290548)
JSKs #2 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_jsks_edited/collection?id=2636466)
JSKs #3 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_jsks_edited/collection?id=2502576)
OPs #1 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_ops_edited/collection?id=2502578)
OPs #2 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_ops_edited/collection?id=2502580)
Accessories #1 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2506559)
Accessories #2 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2506558)
Accessories #3 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2506557)
Accessories #4 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2683660)
Accessories #5 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2683685)
Accessories #6 (www.polyvore.com/lolita_accessories_edited/collection?id=2683767)



Welcome all fellow doll makers! Together we will make beautiful dolls and push our creativity envelope with fun and unique weekly contests. All Doll or art sets featuring doll parts welcome. No fashion sets please!

The Lolita Fashion 50

The Lolita Fashion 50

A challenge group for making lolita outfits for 50 different themes! I thought it would be a nice challenge for those who are fond of lolita fashion, and I know I make better sets with a prompt myself!
The Themes:
1. Intro
2. Sweet
3. Gothic
4. Classic
5. Punk
6. Aristocrat
7. Boystyle
8. Sailor
9. Pirate
10. Guro
11. Country
12. Hime
13. Ero
14. Wa
15. Twins
16. Decora
17. Steam
18. Wig
19. Unusual Color (Purple, Green, Yellow, etc.)
20. Summer
21. Winter
22. Alice in Wonderland
23. Off-brand
24. Costume
25. Plaid
26. Unusual Shoes
27. Animal
28. Casual
29. Jewelry
30. Centered Around a Bag
31. Makeup
32. Food
33. Polka Dots
34. Hat
35. Music
36. Rococo
37. Stripes
38. Floral
39. Bonnet
40. Kuro
41. Shiro
42. Boots
43. Parasol
44. Contents of a Lolita Purse
45. Glasses (Sun or Regular)
46. All From One Brand
47. Beach
48. Travel
49. Holiday
50. Inspired By A Song
51. Finale!
And remember, everyone of them has to be lolita! Not inspired-by, or any other Japanese street fashion. Just loli. You don't have to complete them in order either, though it would be a good idea to do your intro first and finale last for obvious reasons! Have fun!
Several people noticed the two number 7s, so it's now the Loli Fashion 51 I suppose. I did re-number them though, to eliminate the confusion!


blue and purple

blue and purple

63 sets from 37 members. Ended three years ago.
this week i want to see all your dolls made with one of my favorite color combos...blue and purple! use only blue and purple for your colors. as always, one week, 5 winners, new and old sets. good luck! i've added some inspiration items but they aren't required.

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