Hey guys! This is my first tip so I hope everyone enjoys not being hacked!♥ The beginning of a new section will be in caps to make it more easy to tell.


Most everyone knows they need a password on any device. Not everyone has one, though. Always have a password or a lock!! Change them very often. 

Do Not:
Have your pets name as a password. Anyone who knows you and your family will know you pets name and will guess thats you password.

Have 1234 as a password! Thats the most known password and is easily guessed.

Have two or more words in the password!! his way its harder to figure out.

on phones do not have large or small numbers first. Have middle numbers like 4567.

DO you have a snoopy sis or brother? don't let them see your password!! The same with your BFF's.

Don't have the same password on everything!! Like I said before change the locks and passwords often!

Thanks @pittywittykitty

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