Primrose Marie Prime- St. Lucas Academy

❥ Name ;; Primrose Marie Prime
❥ Age ;; fifteen
❥ POB ;; New York
❥ DOB ;; The thirty first of December.
❥ Hometown ;; Manhattan, New York
❥ Appearance ;; (Below :)
❥ Hobbies ;; She loves taking pictures of people and the places she has traveled to. She also loves to read and she is especially amazing at track; running. She has also trained to fly some airplanes and glide.
❥ Personality ;; Prim is very comfortable in her own skin, she likes to keep the cool, calm and collected persona. She is truly a free spirit, with a chilled outlook on life and has a carefree ways of doing things. She is much more than a dreamer, she saw the morbid edge of the world as it convulsed against the thrill of the human spirit. She was, in all meaning of the phrase, a wild thing. When there are no fences to hold her back, she runs and runs until she has no idea were she is, that makes things wonderful. She is very curious, and loves to drink in new knowledge.
❥ Biography ;; Primrose has had a very easy going upbringing. Her father Lucas Prime, is the founder of Prime Destinations, an International Traveling Agency where airplanes and (Cruise) ships and trains are created all over the world and used for international travel. Her mother Elizabeth Prime owns an international travel magazine, where beautiful pictures from scenery from all over the world is taken and displayed. Since her parents were away or busy all the time Prim had to become independent. When she was able, Prim often traveled with her parents.
❥ Secret ;; Primrose was talking to a pilot in the tower while he was trying to land a commercial airplane. She didn't know what she was doing, but told him he was safe to land. He wasn't. The airplane was destroyed, people were injured, but no one died. Her parents covered it up for her so no one found out.
❥ Flaws ;; With her carefree attitude towards life she can often be blunt to a fault. And she often get's in trouble for breaking rules because she does what she pleases.
❥ Clique Invite Choice ;; It-Girls
❥ Sample RP ;;
My bright white smile widens as the door closes above me. My hazel eyes examine the clear blue sky above me as I hear a distant voice babble on in my ear. I only listen when the monotone voice declares " Prima Prime. Ready For Take off." And then I'm off, soaring through the sky with a such a beautiful weightless feeling, in that moment, I was a bird. Spreading my wings as I fly under the endless sky.

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